Fungal disease or lack of nutrients?

dowolfSeptember 16, 2013


I have a 7' Mission Fig outdoors, in coastal Southern CA. Planted in June, gets full sun pretty much the entire day. Soil is a mix of compost (60%) and original clay soil (40%). I used a small amount of fertilizer when I planted. Plant is watered about 3x/week, average amount of water.

For the past 6 weeks or so, the tree has been losing leaves. Affected leaves look like in the image. We got a decent amount of coastal fog in the mornings pretty much all summer long, and lost a lot of squash and tomato to powdery mildew. I figured this was a type of fungal disease also, and have been spraying the leaves every 10 days with either copper spray or Neem oil, but the problem continues.

Any idea if this is a fungal disease at work or if this could be a lack of nutrients or too much/too little water?


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Some of the other (newly formed) leaves start curling around the edges, then browning at the edges, as in this picture.

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I am a newbie when it comes to figs. But I had something like this not too long ago back in August, the bottom picture my fig leaves looked like. They were completely burnt to a crisp. I was told it was "salt burn" but I am not sure exactly what it was. In any case, I added some gypsum to my clay soil and my leaves have grown back healthy and beautiful again. All green now. If it is a fungal infection the remedy is different and I can't help you there. Hopefully some other people have good advice here! I am sure they do! Good luck.

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