What am I doing wrong?

Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)September 3, 2012

I can get fig cuttings to produce roots and leaves in a mix of perlite and vermiculite, no problem.

Then I can put them in a mix of perlite and potting soil and they croak. It can be a little potting soil, a quick-drain mix about half & half, or potting soil with some perlite in it, but they all die.

I must be missing something here!


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transplanting stress maybe?

we've always just stuck the cuttings in a 1 gal pot and let it grow into it before potting up or planting in ground.

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I started my first cuttings in moist sphagnum moss and got plenty of rooted cuttings, but when I transplanted them I lost a bunch. It seems that the early roots are fairly delicate and the less you disturb them the better off you are.

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