Need ideas for new garden area :)

lavender_lass(4b)August 11, 2010

Next year, I'm planning to put in a vegetable garden. I know this is the cottage garden forum, but I really need some good ideas and I know a lot of you grow vegetables. I am including flowers and herbs :)

While I put in a kitchen garden this year, it's turning into more of a fruit/flower/herb garden with lots of perennials and a few annual beds for smaller vegetables (kind of a mini-potager for the younger nieces and nephews).

The new garden will be for potatoes, broccoli, pole beans, squash, melons, pumpkins, tomatoes, larger root vegetables, and maybe some corn. I need ideas on how big the beds should be and how much will grow vertically. I prefer beds to rows, but some beds can be large (maybe 8' x 8') if that will work for squash, etc.

I'd also like to incorporate some metal arches (which should be going on clearance this fall) for cherry tomatos, cucumbers, peas, beans, etc. The garden should be large enough to hold the sprawling vegetables, but still easy to weed and get around in.

I want this garden to be planned for me and the 10+ year old nieces and nephews, who like to help in the garden. I will probably still add some Peter Rabbit accents and maybe a scarecrow, bench with gourds growing over it, and other fun things for the older kids. Also, planning to have sunflowers, marigolds, nasturtiums and other annual flowers and a few annual herbs in the garden. Again, I would appreciate any ideas and especially pictures of what works in your space.

The smaller veggies, such as cabbage, peas, bush beans, mini-carrots, lettuce, and spinach, are going in the little kids' area of the kitchen garden. If you have ideas or pictures for that space, I'd love to see those, too. Thanks, again :)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Something different that might be fun for the kids - try a few straw bales for beds...?

Here is a link that might be useful: straw bale gardening

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

LL, I don't have a veggie garden except for a few lame pots, but I did see something that was very interesting for children, just not sure how ambitious this project might be. It was a large teepee (not covered by anything, just the large branches to form the teepee) and climbing up the wood were all the climbing veggies and flowering vines like morning glory, etc. There was an opening at the front and it was large enough for multiple kids to go in. As an adult I thought it was a blast! I can only imagine how much kids would enjoy it! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it. I don't think it took up more space than 8 X 8. It sounds like you plan on making this veggie area quite large.

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

How about a corn maze? I dont know much about veggie gardens but when you mentioned your nieces and nephews that popped into my head. Also i saw a sunflower house, where mamoth sunlowers were planted in a giant cricle with a little space to let kids in. It was in a magazine a while back. I know its not veggie related or anyhthing but i thought it was worth mentioning! i realize these ideas kinda have no relation to a vegetable bed , lol

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Woodyoak- Straw bales would be a neat experiment, for the kids. I almost always have some old hay bales, maybe we could use those.

Thyme- A giant teepee would be great. The kids would have so much fun with that!

Lilyfinch- A corn maze and a sunflower house are both wonderful ideas. They actually are both very common in veggie gardens, so great suggestions :)

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I seem to remember you saying you might've done too much this year?

Anyhow, full size pumpkin vines get big. Really, really big. I'm growing them for the first time this year, and they are completely taking over the veggie garden! Some vines are maybe 12' long - and it is still August! You may want to take that into consideration!

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Irene- You're right, I did say that! LOL

Actually, I'm not starting this garden until next year, but I thought more people might have pictures now, then asking in the winter/early spring :)

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