Ballerina Rose

beegood_gwNovember 4, 2010

I planted one of these in the spring ( bare root) and it took off like crazy and bloomed all summer. Does anyone in Zone 3 know how well these winter with just some mulch. They are so pretty I hate to lose it.

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beegood I don't have an answer to your question but.....

I've been waiting for someone to reply, as when I looked at your picture I was positive it was a hydrangea with a name I wasn't familiar with. Well, I looked it up and hey, it is a rose just like the name says!

How on earth does a person identify it as a rose when it looks, at least in your picture, exactly like a hydrangea?

I'm not even usually a big fan of pink blooms, but it Sure is pretty =:) Hope it survives for you.

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Oh beegood.....

After I read what I wrote, I wondered if it sounded like I was suggesting you didn't know you had a hydrangea.

I actually wasn't sure myself if your title meant it was a rose, or if it was a hydrangea called Ballerina Rose.

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Even seeing it from a little distance people think it is a hydrangea. Been checking it out some more and the hardiness zones go from 3 -- 5. Where I got it I was told 3 but I really am not sure. Mulching it in well. It grows fast so having top kill shudn't be a big deal. Will have to wait and keep my fingers crossed till spring comes. Our last couple winters have been down to -40 so that shud be a good test. Hopefully I have good news in the spring

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leo_prairie_view(2B Manitoba)

There is a garden in Winnipeg that has had one make it through 4 or 5 winters. It is a very full garden so it gets protection from the plants around it.

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