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marricgardensNovember 29, 2012

When we built the house we put in a large sunroom. It's taken a while but now we're back to working on finishing it. We finished putting on 2 coats of base paint but after another coat we need to decide what color to paint it. I know white would make the room brighter and reflect some of the light back to the plants. Is there another color that might be beneficial to the plants? Any ideas? Marg

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I bought myself a full spectrum bulb a few years ago and it had a pale blue tint I wondered if it had something to do with the color of the sky to help plants. But this is only a guess


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Yes, I'd agree to go with a nice blue tone pleasing to your eyes or a subdued yellow, as such nicely sets plants off and also keeps the room bright.

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I did get it painted. We had a yellow paint that we used in another room but it was a bit darker so we thinned it down with some white and got a really nice pastel yellow color. Really brightens up the room. There are cupboards along one side so I plan to get some blue and white tiles for between the cupboards and counter. Since it is a room I will be using for planting, and I'm messy, I decided to get some paint for the floor, the kind they use in garages. I'm also planning on putting the same tile in the kitchen.

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Sounds like you'll be achieving a nice look with the colors selected. Any chance of later posting a photo or two?

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It'll be a while before it's done because we still have a lot to do. I'll post pics when it's all done.

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can't wait to see them

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