A couple of little bouquets from today

mandolls(4)August 8, 2011

This time of year I love bringing in flowers for the house. Here are a couple of small vases that I filled this morning. I thought they were especially sweet. I especially love the star shaped orchid Dahlias in the smaller vase.

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So pretty! You do a nice job of arranging them.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Exquisite! Wonderful color combinations.

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I love your vases too. They look very special.

Those dahlias are sweet.
What is that with the ruffled orange petals?

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So beautiful!!!!

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Luuuuuv them!!! I too love to make arrangements. Love the flowers and the vases. Judy

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Very painterly - well done.

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So colorful and pretty. I love lots of color sand different textures.

I've never seen a Star Dahlia before. Where did you get yours? They are so unusual and beautiful. They remind me of Sea Anemones.


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Thanks for the feedback. When you have nice flowers to work with its easy to put them in a vase. My partner can pull almost anything out of the road ditches and arrange it to look amazing - that takes talent.

The Dahlia is Juul's Allstar, which I am sure I got from Swan Island. It is always the first of my Dahlias to bloom. They are a favorite of mine every year.

The orange ruffled flower I am confused by. According to my records it is Galardia-Dazzler mix. But when I google that, the images are flat petaled. They are from seed this year, from Parks. They are nice, but flopping over and need support.

The vases are Daulton-Lambeth,(from before Royal Daulton was "royal") I have been collecting them for a few years. Its nice to actually use them, and they are perfect for the small arrangements.

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thinman(Z5 MI)

Great looking arrangements. I tend to keep stuffing flowers in until eventually it looks OK to me. You've done a lot with just a few. Very nice.


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