Loquat tea? (tea from the garden)

growgrow(10A)March 31, 2008

Over the weekend I trimmed our loquat tree, and was researching what I can do with the leaves. I stumbled across a website, that actually buys out loquat leaves in order to make a tea out of it. I research it further and found, that loquat leaf tea is supposed to be very high in amygdalin (cancer preventative vitamin). I dried some leaves and tried it last night. It was a very good tea. Did anybody else try this?

With the economy being what it is, I want to learn and utilize all the treasures I already have growing in my garden. I am reading that a mulberry leaf tea, should be very healthy as well. Does anybody has any other idea for a tea from the garden? Do you dry the leaves first or just steep them fresh?

Here is a link to the loquat tea:



Also, if anybody wants to try loquat tea, I have many more leaves left.


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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

Veronika, I have never tried loquats or mulberries, but I make tea with my herbs all the time. Maybe I should say "tisane" which might be more correct when making an infusion of fresh leaves. I forget which term is more appropriate. But for general purposes, I'll call it just plain tea.

I especially love lemon balm, but I often make "blends" with various herbs that I think will taste good together. Oregano, thyme and sage are a good, earthy mixture. I just mash up a few leaves of each in the bottom of the teacup and add boiling water. Steep to your preferred strength, and you've got it. I don't use sweetener in any kind of tea, but you can certainly add some sugar or honey, if desired. Any of the mints make good tea, or good additions to a cup of regular (store bought) tea. When I grew chamomile, I added the flowers to the cup for a soothing brew.

But herbs are all I've tried...too chicken to try much else, I reckon.


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atreelady(9b SW Orlando)

Thanks Veronika for the Loquat tea info. I have a couple 3" tall loquat seedlings I got from Anita. When they get a little bigger I will try it. I love finding new uses for stuff growing around the yard!

I have tried wax myrtle tea from the leaves and berries. It soothes mucous membranes and has an antibiotic effect. I haven't had any in a while so I don't remember what it tasted like.

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I also love the lemon balm tea, it has such a refreshing taste. I would love to grow chamomile, that will be the only tea I will keep on buying. And I will try some of the mixes that you mentioned, what a great idea. I love herbs.
Atreelady, I have not heard of myrtle tea, that is probably is different from crape myrtle, right? I would love to try it.
That is exactly what I am up to, finding new uses for stuff already in the garden!

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tony_k_orlando(Z9 Fl)


Doesnt chamomile grow where you are at? It wants to grow here, but I dont let it. I dont know how good it would continue to grow. I know in Chicago, my parents have it growing along their driveway for yrs now.

Have you tried Scented geranium teas as yet? I think about it because I have plenty of it just not sure if I need to dry it first or what the deal is.

You DO have a mulberry tree growing, dont you?


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I have at this time five mulberries growing. One is producing very well (I had that one before), the others (from your generous cuttings)are just establishing them selves, but starting to produce berry here and there. (I can not wait to have many mulberries).
I always thought that for chamomile is here too hot. (But I may be wrong). I have not tried Scented geranium tea, please, let me know . I never know either, if something should be dried or not. I know, for lemon balm, I use fresh leaves.
Maybe somebody, who knows can help us with that.

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Jan Sword

Hi Veronika, Lemon grass tea is very tasty and relaxing.
You can boil fresh lemon grass.

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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

I have grown chamomile here as an annual, but the heat always did it in fairly early. But then again, I kill geraniums, too.


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atreelady(9b SW Orlando)

Veronika, yes crepe myrtle is different than wax myrtle.

You can also make wax from the berries - http://www.killerplants.com/plant-of-the-week/20031027.asp

more info

Marcia, I have been wanting to try lemon balm. I have the seeds. It was one of the things that didn't come up when I tried to grow it in a pot. I am not great at starting seeds in pots... I have oregano and thyme in my garden. Sage is another thing I am not having luck growing from seed. Several years back I had a beautiful sage that got really big and lasted for a couple years but since then I can't seem to grow one. Ah well. I will keep trying til I run out of seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: wax myrtle

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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

Atreelady, I can't grow lemon balm from seed, either. In fact, I pretty much stink at growing things from seeds. I probably fail 60% to 75% of the time! I have some exceptions...morning glories, nasturtiums, and a few others, but often I just lose the seedlings before they are big enough to do anything with. I buy lemon balm plants for 88 cents at HD, and they get HUGE. They usually last 2 or 3 years for me, then decline rapidly, and I replace them.


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atreelady(9b SW Orlando)

Marcia. Not that I wish this frustration on anyone, but you don't know how good that makes me feel that I am not alone in having problems with seeds. I grew some forget-me-nots and I had some that never came up but I had 4 pots worth. So I decided to plant them in the ground but the next day I only had 2 pots with anything in them. I planted them yesterday. Today when I went out to look at them - something had eaten all of one of them. So I am down to 1 plant. I sprayed that area with lemon joy in water so I will see.

Thanks for the suggestion - I will look for lemon balm next time I am at Home Depot!

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Wow great to know about the tea. I have 2 trees in the back yard. Have lived in the house for 3 years and just found out what the trees are. I have made a great jam with the fruit. I will certaily try and make the tea.

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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

Atreelady, something ALWAYS eats my seeds when I direct sow into the ground, and when I try to raise them in pots for transplanting later, I have problems with damping off and other, more mysterious, conditions. The seeds germinate just fine, but somewhere between popping up those first two leaves and being ready to go into the ground, I usually screw it up. (I'm quite sure it's ME. I mean plants have been growing from seeds forever, so it can't be THEM.)

I still try them out from time to time, with occasional successes, but generally, I will buy the 4" pots of herbs and annuals instead. It's worth the 88 cents not to go through the aggravation. Plus, I really love the instant gratification of something full and green going into the ground.


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