Looking for some fig trees or cuttings- rooted or not

Potatochips101(7a)September 10, 2013

Hello Fellow Fig Fans,
I want to grow some of what several forum members report are SOME of the best tasting figs.

If you have cuttings rooted or not I would very much appreciate some and am willing to pay a reasonable fee for the following trees/cuttings:

1. Smith
2. Hollier
3. Black Maderia
4. Black Marseille VS

I cannot find them affordably priced online so I am left to ask around and hope that someone will have pity on this slightly desperate fig addict.

I currently have the following in containers:
Panache-Striped Tiger Fig, Violette Du Bordeaux, Alma, Papa John, Black Mission, Cordi, Dessert King, Chicago Hardy, Sals G, Italian Honey Fig, O'Rourke, Green Ischia, Kadota, Brown Turkey.

Just in case you are wondering:

Thus far, I've tasted the Alma (Mildly sweet. Got one ripe fig that came on the tree when it shipped to me), Papa John ( Slightly stronger sweet flavor than Alma thus far has borne well in it's first year in my possession of this young tree), Chicago Hardy (Yum! Nice berry fruity flavor! I have young tree and a cutting from a nearby park), Kadota (mildly sweet, sort of watery wet-ish not my favorite but I'm thankful for it because it bears faithfully and a fresh fig is better than store bought anyday), Brown Turkey (Has a mildly sweet but pleasant fig flavor. Generous amount of pulp. Very large figs bear faithfully-again not my favorite but I like it better than my Kadota).

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I have some Smith and Hollier cuttings .......email me

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I can send you cuttings, let me know how many and what lengths. You just pay postage for them. Don't have variety names. No guarantee for success. Email me your details.


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