marricgardensNovember 1, 2013

Has anyone ever used this product? It's supposed to absorb water and then slowly release it back into the soil. How does it compare to water polymers? Any feedback would be appreciated. Marg

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Sorry, no feedback for you on that product. My concern is the cost and the work involved to retrieve the balls from the soil if you were refreshing the pot/container or changing out. Is this for indoor plants or outdoors?

I'd read on one forum (cannas, I think) that someone placed a disposable baby diaper on the bottom of his outdoor containers to extend the watering schedule because he was out of town a lot and couldn't water as often as needed. Would that idea help, or is that the same as the polymers you mention?

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Marg, those are the product used in hydroponics aren't they?

Were you considering using them for houseplants or your outside pots?


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I was wondering if they were like the product used in hydroponics or if they could be mixed with the soil like polymers. When I looked at them again, I guess they are similar to the product used in hydroponics.
On another note, I just got the Plantstep program installed and am working on entering all my plants on it. Who knows, it may help me get organized! LOL. Marg

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