Broken Branch on my tree Due to High Winds

mtddigs(NY 6a)September 18, 2012

Today there is a rain and wind storm happening in New York. I went out to check my figs, and a large branch broke off from the bottom of my favorite tree. Can I cut it into cutting size lenghts and put them in the refrigerator for later use to try to make rooted cuttings. The branch is from a favorite tree of mine (Italian Honey) so I dont want to waste it. Its still in full leaf , Im curious if it will be usefull for later use . Will putting it in the refridgerator make it go dormant ? Im sure someone here must know what to do in this situation .

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From the info I've gathered lately, you should strip all the leaves and figs, then cut into 6"-8" sticks. Refrigerating is fine until spring, or you can attempt to root the cuttings in a bag now, but you will have to keep them with enough humidity/heat throughout the winter. Hope this helps!

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