Arkansas Dwarf Black

bjs496September 12, 2005

Hi All,

I saw a fig tree today labeled "Ficus Carica - Arkansas Dwarf Black" underneath in parenthesis it said "Jelly". However, from what I have read Jelly, is not black nor is it a dwarf. Any ideas what it might be? Has anyone seen an Arkansas Dwarf Black before?

Thanks in advance,


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I thought it was bad when figs in the nursery are labeled the wrong variety. I guess its worse that the only references I can find online to "Arkansas Dwarf Black" are for an apple. At least I am confident that looks more like a fig tree and not so much like an apple tree... LOL


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Me too!,
I googled varoius combinations of 'Arkansas Black', and the
only solid thing that I could come up with, was about an
APPLE. Maybe your fig was trasplanted in a USED (apple) pot
and the old label was never removed...
George (NJ).

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Maybe somebody from Arkansas decided to name a NEW fig as
such! I would go to the 'source' and demand an explanation!
If none is available, most likely you will be offered a
George (NJ).

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hi George,

No refunds. LOL. This was the same place I bought a BT and a BM and they both turned out to be Celeste. They sell all their plants "as is". The label has "Jelly" typed underneath "Arkansas Dwarf Black".

Anyway... I might take another chance on an unknown fig


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Then most probably it IS a 'Jelly'. My (only little)
Mary Lane rooting (aka Jelly - from UCD) was the last
one of the 'stubburns' to actually take root... hard to
propagate. So you have an established plant, my regards...
Watch and confirm the fruit next year.

George (NJ).

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Here is a Breba from the tree on Mother's day:

As I remember it, it was not very sweet nor did it have much flavor. The skin was not thin, but not nearly as thick as Kadota. The eye was about 3mm and open. The pulp was moist.

Here is a main crop fruit a couple of days before the birds got it on 06.25:

It was still a few days from being ripe when I took this picture. Another one ripened today. It had become more yellow and had many cracks in the skin. The birds got it before I could get the camera.

Anybody want to venture a guess at what this one is? The leaf does not match the description of Jelly. This tree, along with Atreano, have the most consitently shaped leaves of any in my backyard.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Here are the only Mary Lane pix I have found (the leaf is mine):

Here are Jelly pix from "Fig Heaven":

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Those leafes and fruits Looks very close to Two fig cultivars:Conadria and Lindhurst White.
Lindhurst wht,is a fig that KK,in new Jersey got it as a white fig from New York,and named it that way.
I do have the fig and has green figs but i am not sure if it is got an open eye when Ripe,But KK,in New Jersey can tell you .Regards

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mountainman0826(z8B TX)

The pulp of Lyndhurst White, from Keith's pictures, is amber.

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I received my cutting from a local guy who says it came over from Italy and ended up in Lyndhurst, NJ. He got his cutting from that tree. Its insides are amber though George had 1 that was red, I also had a red one. I had a breba yesterday, nowhere near as sweet as last year. I'm thinking all that rain/floods a couple of weeks ago diluted them or maybe its just breba. I don't know if I had breba in 2005 since it was started from a cutting in dec 2004. That really confuses me. Breba is from last years growth but is it "last years" growth because it went dormant or simply aged, i.e. figs on wood instead of green growth? If it needs to go dormant then I clearly did not have breba last year. The 1st picture is the 1st fig I picked (prematurely) from same year growth that had already hardened to wood, like the 2nd pic. The 3rd pic was main crop. All the pics are from last year.

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Oh, I forgot to add my sad face with more floods/rain forecasted for today with all those breba handing on the trees :( :( :(

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I forgot I had taken some pictures of another main crop fruit. Here it is:

These were taken on 06.26. None of the figs developed a neck or had much of a stem. The eyes were small, open and white rimmed. The brebas "drooped" more, but the main crop maintained its flat shape (at least as best as I could tell since the birds got most of them before they were fully ripe.)

It does not appear to be the same as Lyndonhurst White, Marylane/Jelly, or Hardy Chicago (the other name on the label at the nursery). Conadria seems to have more of a neck and is not as flat.

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