First time fig grower. Progress Pics and some questions!

OmniSeptember 30, 2012

I bought the fig tree from Amazon and it was about 2-3 inches tall when I first got it (sometime in mid July). I thought I had taken pictures of it during this time, but I can't find them.

Anyways, this is the fig tree at about 1 month old:

And these are pictures of it from a week ago (at this point, the fig tree was about 2.5 months old)

Right now, the tree is about 12 inches tall.

I plan on planting this into the ground next season. My questions for now are: should I just pluck the leaves and leave it in my garage? Or should I put it in an area in my house where it can get sunlight?

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If it has been outside all this time, I would probably allow the leaves to fall off naturally, allowing it to go dormant. Then I'd place it in an unheated garage where it will remain dormant until next spring, watering only once a month or so, just to keep it from completely drying out.

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The growth is still soft so you should not let it get frosted or freeze until it can harden its growth.
Cold weather will speed up dormancy but I think you should move it into your garage at night when the first couple of cold periods arrive because it still looks pretty green.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


It is neat how fast they grow...very rewarding.

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Thanks bamboo!
I'm really hoping that it fruits next summer :-).

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