Can you help identify what type of fig I have?

frankcbdSeptember 16, 2012

I have a 2 yr old tree I planted, which gave me a few delicious figs this year. The first pic is from my breba harvest, so it looks different than the main crop. The 2nd pic are figs I picked from its parent tree, located at my parents' old house. As you can see, some were overripe and some were not quite ready. I thought they were Brown Turkey, but not sure now. They are about the size of golf balls, some slightly bigger. I'd appreciate any help!

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I do not see an "overripe" fig there. Thats the way I pick them. I do not believe these are brown turkey, not the shape or color of bt. Looks like a fairly tight eye which is always good.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

That's a pretty little tree and those figs look delish--the ripe ones. Could you show us pictures of the mother tree?

Where did you get the tree? The figs are not over-ripe because a good fig usually has some crackling in the skin. Could you show us what they look like inside, please?

Also, how do they taste? Questions, questions, questions!

Yummy-looking figs. :)


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This is the tree the ripe figs came from:

The tree originated from my grandfather's garden in Cleveland, OH. He got the tree from a local friend back in the early 80s. So I have no idea where the tree came from before that. You've probably seen the same pics from me elsewhere, but I would really love to narrow down what type of fig I might have. The first pic of this post (cut open fig) is from my 2yr old tree, and from breba crop, which was propagated from the mother tree (above). The small potted fig tree from the original post is an air layer from the 2 year old tree (not shown). I posted this just to show the leaves. So in short, all the pictures I posted are genetically identical. :) I hope I'm not confusing you.
As for flavor, they taste sugary sweet. I can't think of a fruit with similar flavor to compare to. Thank you for any help you can provide!

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looks like the "honey" turkey fig from Encanto farms. Hmphf.... Looks good though.

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Definitely not brown turkey. My brown turkey does not get that big.

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I've been looking and looking for the name of this fig and I'm 99% sure it's brown turkey HD here's a picture of the fig. would you like to trade a few cuttings of it for some from my cultivars? please feel free to contact me if interested. I'd love to grow to grow this wonderful tree myself and may have a few you might be interested in.

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That looks just like what I have, but the guts on the HD are lighter than mine. My figs have a strawberry-like color on the inside. Do you know if the HD has the same? And I'd love to do some trading. I have several cuttings that are currently taking root. I took 24 cuttings on 9/9 and 12 of them have at least 1/2" roots from the baggy method. Those are now in small clear cups. Hopefully they'll make it til Spring. I will also be getting unlimited cuttings in Feb. Let me know when you'd like to trade. I'm still new to rooting/growing figs. Thanks!

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My guess it is San Pietro fig or English Brown Turkey. But the English Brown Turkey has a darker skin. Do you live in zone 6a? Did you leave the mother fig tree unprotected? Do you mind sending me a cutting?

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