Dublin Bay ??

barbaranh(z4 NH)November 8, 2007

New to this forum but it seems the right place to ask my question..

Does anyone have experience with the climbing rose Dublin Bay? I'm specifically interested in knowing two things: (1) whether it is cane hardy in zone 4a/3b (can you leave the canes in place over the winter?); and (2) whether the canes are flexible enough to train horizontally along a rail fence.

Thanks for whatever info you might be able to share!

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Hi Barbara, you're very welcome here but most of us are in colder zones than you. I have heard of Dublin Bay but don't know anyone who grows it. You might get more help if you post on the New England board.

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barbaranh(z4 NH)

Thanks northspruce, I'll try there.

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