When to transplant the branch

foolishpleasureSeptember 28, 2012

I air-layered some branches. The branches which I air-layered are big about 2.5 to 3 feet long. It happened that way by coincidence because these branches were growing near the ground and I wanted to remove them it any way I want tree not a bush. I used water bottles with moss I can see plenty of white roots. It has been 4 weeks my questions are

1- When do I transplant them. I am worried if I wait long the root will be crowded in the bottle.

2-How big pot I start with I have one, two, three and four gallon pots.

3- Should I trim the leaves or leave it and what about the fruits.

4-How many hours of sun I give them every day until established.

5- I use soil with cow manure+perlite+sphagnum moss for my other potting potting soil is that OK/


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Hi Foolish-P...

Just my thoughts:

1: In 7b...I'd start to worry about night temp's. checking the growth of that root system, and putting the top section into dormancy.
I would think crowded roots will be the least of your problems.

2: I'd plant them right into the 4 gallon pots...so the roots will have plenty of room to support the large, 2-1/2Ft - 3 Ft. plants above the

3: I'd pull all the figs. If the leaves are healthy, I'd leave them.

4: Very bright light but I wouldn't put them in direct sun until roots are well established.

5: I guess...why mess with success. I just hope this mix is free-draining. Granular limestone wouldn't hurt. Figs hate acidic mixes/soils.

Hope this might help.


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Thanks Frank

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