Nov 1st and they're still blooming!

trisha_51(5 Nebraska)November 1, 2010

The wild violets are still looking great! Crazy.

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Do you have any snow yet? Are you able to post a picture for us?

My Johnny Jump Ups were blooming profusely until we got a storm last Tuesday ( October 26th) . Not sure what they look like now under the snow =:(

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leo_prairie_view(2B Manitoba)

I picked a bud from Stanwell Perpetual Rose and it opened beautifully in the house. It has really lived up to its name this summer. Otherwise we are still enjoying the colours of the carnesbill geraniums and the Scots roses.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I had rosebuds too, but never thought to pick them. Sheesh. Otherwise, there's a yellow primula still blooming and some Jacob's ladder. So are the asters, but they last a long time - need more of those!

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Okay, here's some pics, taken just now (November 3) in Edmonton. Very little left and it all looks a bit beat up so looks kind of trashy from a distance but the macro pics are okay.
California poppy, started blooming mid-June, still blooming if it's sunny and somewhat warm:

And harebell:

That's all I have that's still putting out some colour.

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I have a climbing Honeysuckle on my elm tree that is still blooming. I love the warm weather but it really IS time for it to cool off. Saw a few grape hyacinth poking thru yesterday as well. My bee hive is still very active flying around probably wondering why there are no flowers.

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