Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Aurea'

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5December 2, 2011

i swear.. i had to buy 10 of them.. to get one to survive on my wind swept cold z5 lot ...

and this one is just crazy cool ...

wouldnt be surprised if joy changes the name.. lol

too lazy to take the pix to my photo editor.. to adjust the contrast .. or darken the pix a bit.. so you will have to use your imagination ...

my theory.. way back when.. is that the plants are rooted.. and grown .. down south .. and they really dont appreciate that first winter in the great white north ... i bought varying sizes.. from multiple sources.. and they just had no sense of humor ....


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Yeah, that's really a nice-looking conifer and, I agree with that theory.


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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

Ken, you are right! That is really a crazy cool looking tree. That beautiful color really makes it stick out in a crowd of trees you have there. Very nice Ken.

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kim_dirtdigger(IN 5b)

That's a beauty Ken! How old is it?

I'm amazed at the growth you're getting on your conifers in your "pure sand", especially that hinoki. I'm baffled as to how they get enough moisture to survive, let alone grow like weeds. Our conifers struggle without consistent watering on a crappy clay hillside.

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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)

Nice 'Aurea' Ken.

I totally agree with your theory. I also have another theory for my micro climate. They do not adjust well in KC. Heat and humidity are the culprits. My first one burned up. My second one was screened from the elements this summer and looks like it has taken hold. Planting all first year obtusa for me always carries the challenge to get them through the first/second year with out issues. Time and effort pays off because they add so much to a garden setting.

I also note that yours is short and fat. To many candy bars or beer ...I don't know. Mine on the other hand is tall and narrow and that is the only way I see them presented for sale around here. I agree both the same cultivar as foliage indicates that but the disparity in growth habit mystifies me.

Too lazy to take the pix to my photo editor also. Use your imagination.

Many thanks for making this forum so interesting with so many beautiful and unique cultivars to display. Keep them coming.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey dave

mine has multiple leaders [look deep into the first pic] .. who knew back then ....

bet yours is pretty much a single ...

mine is about 8 to 10 feet tall


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

here are the same pix... edited for light.. aka contrast ... and some trimmed down for zoom and also contrast adjusted


all above.. just contrast.. this one.. trimmed from the one immediately above ... the words are specific to my editor ... if you have an editor.. then the words might be different ... but the beauty is ... the BACK/UNDO button.. just play around ... and if you decide to save it.. use SAVE AS.. and change the name.. or you will overwrite your original .. and it will be gone ...

also.. if you want to insure your monitor.. is as true to you as possible... you can use one of your favorite plants, preferably single color [not this one] .. from which you know its perfect color.. to adjust your monitor ... the macro setting would have been the next step in an even clearer close up.. but i didnt snap one at the time ...ken

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