Pomegranate for Central Florida

phoebe100(9)March 31, 2008

Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for info on growing pomegranates near Orlando. Never grew one before so I have all kinds of questions. What cultivars are your favorites? Do I need more than one tree for pollination? Any tips on growing them? Do you get loads of fruit from one tree or should you have a few? Thanks in advance for any advice!


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naomilovesflipflops(9b FL)

Hi Phoebe,

I just planted two in the first week of the month. I ordered a 'wonderful' which is supposed to be a great variety for FLA's heat and humidity- but they sent me a 'sweet'. They quickly sent me the right one after I called them and told me to keep the first. So I ended up planting 2. I can't give you lots of advice from experience but I have done a bit of reading. They are self pollinators. I think you get a good amount of fruit from a single happy mature tree- but I imagine that takes a few years unless you drop some serious cash for a big tree. I have read that almost 100% fruit drop is common in the first few years. Mine are tiny little things- only about 36" a piece- and scrawny! I googled "pomegranate tree images" and it was very enlightening to see a score of pictures of what they look like mature. I can't wait to see them bloom- they are supposed to be spectacular. HTH, feel free to ask anything else that I might have READ. LOL :-)


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everstar(10 WPB)

Where did you get your trees from, Naomi?

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willis orchards has a nice selection.

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Thanks for all the info! I love pomengranates they are so pricey in the stores it would be wonderful to grow some. I like that willis orchard site, nice variety of stuff.

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naomilovesflipflops(9b FL)

I got mine from Peaceful Valley.


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I recently bought a pom at a ladies garden sale and have no idea what to do with it. HELP!!!

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