Rodent protection methods

luv2gro(z3a AB)November 10, 2007

After the brutal winter that I had last year with pocket gophers and mice, I decided that I'd better get a bit of protection around some of my baby trees. I know that there is the white wrap that you can put around them. Our neighbour used it and something chewed right through it. But, a friend of my son's worked in exterminating for awhile and he maintains that rodents hate steel wool. Anybody have any thoughts of what could happen if I wrapped them in steel wool? I think I would also put some saran wrap around the steel wool. Then, it wouldn't disintegrate into the surrounding soil so much. Any thoughts - pros or cons?


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Anything you do is better then nothing!
I say, first bring the rodent population down.
Every fall I buy some Rat & Mice poison from Canadian Tire, the ones what come in pellets in little plastic bags, put one or two bags in a gallon plastic planter pots, put another on top and put it under wherever you find it suited to check, I put mine under spruce trees, under shed, wood piles etc.

I find this method is save, in the sense that only mice can go in and out from the pots drain holes.
This I do on the acreage, in town, I usually keep some around in the shed, mice know where the goodies are.
Second, spraying or paint fruit trees, mainly on trunk, with half water and latex paint, a little bit of Thirame powder added. This I have done only outside of town.

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luv2gro(z3a AB)

Thanks, Konrad. You steered me onto a direction that I hadn't really thought about. Canadian Tire - here I come. I'll have to be a bit careful because of my own cat, but maybe I can invite the neighbour's annoying felines over for a visit. No, I wouldn't do that. But, I can see where setting up a few bait stations would certainly help save my trees.


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Today I went out and re - filled some of the empty pots.
Actually, this stuff is called Rat & Mouse Pellets, a product from CIL and it should kill with a single feeding.

I put the bags in the pot without opening it, mice nibble it nicely open for the rewards..gee I'm bad!
The first couple of re - fills are usually within a 2 to 3 weeks period, then it slows down to almost 0 fills for the rest of the winter, my neck of the woods.

One fall I bought juice fruit gum for about $20,
as one lady told me that it works, about two month
later I think the population went up because they wanted
more and more! ....Then it was back to poison.
I still don't like to use poison, ..well I just bought about a dozen of traps to ease on the poison.

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