floridajane(Bonita Springs z10)March 11, 2008

I picked up an artichoke plant at HD yesterday that had three plants within it. Has anyone ever had luck with these guys? I'm in the Naples area and I wonder if this climate is going to work out for them. I read that in the proper conditions they can exist as 4-foot perennials. Wild!

Thanks in advance!


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I've been waiting for someone to respond to this. Since no one has, I'll say what little I know.

Everything I've read about growing artichokes in Florida and even the Southeast says they do not do well here. The problem they say is that the heat and humidity make the artichokes tough even when they're small.

I love artichokes and I've been wanting to try growing them. I considered growing an Italian annual variety--violetta something or other. The description, in Pine Tree Seed Catalog, said they are started in the fall in Italy--as many vegetables are here, so I thought it might work. I still haven't tried it though because of lack of space. But almost everything else I've read says the green globe type will do best.

I am VERY interested to know how the artichokes grow for you. Please post your results.


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atreelady(9b SW Orlando)

I know nothing about growing them but I am interested in perennial vegetables so I am trying to grow some with seeds. So far - nada. The seeds package says they are alcachofa emerald.

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I purchased two plants as well at the HD store. It's an experiment for me as well.

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floridajane(Bonita Springs z10)

Okay, so we'll all sit back and see what happens. I love the idea of a perennial veggie, and I can't find any info that says anything worse than the plant needing 50 cool days to get going, so I'll keep them alive and see if anything ever happens! I'll keep you all posted if you do the same!


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Bumping this topic up. tell us what you know about growing these in SW Fla.

Jane, I'll keep you posted on how mine are doing.

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Hi. Did you read my post re: globe artichokes? It's one of the newer posts because I'm new on here (but not to gardening) and am so glad to have found such a neat site! :)

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I live in West Central Florida. I have 15 plants in the garden.I stared them from seed in February. Three are doing good, the rest are different sizes. I am going to try a liquid fertilizer as the granular does not seem to be doing the job. Is anybody else having any luck?

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Glad to see new interest in globe artichokes. I posted a lengthy write-up about my own globe artichokes on here about two months ago. I still have the seven plants. The two in the ground seem to be receiving too much sun, even though I have them partially shaded with plastic lawn chairs and water them almost every day. They are starting to look like they are 'wishing they were in cooler weather' if you can picture that. The five that I have in large containers are still growing quite nicely because they are in diffused sunlight. I am still praying that they produce buds soon. An article I read in 'Mother Earth News' claims that if you vernalize the seed, in other words, refrigerate the seed for up to three weeks, it will force the plants to produce artichokes in as little as ninety days, even in very warm climates. Well, it hasn't worked for me in our very warm Florida climate. I planted the seeds in pots after vernalizing them for three or so weeks last October. That's a lot more than ninety days ago! I would like to post pics of my plants on this site and I hope someone can give me info on how to do it. Thanks! P.S. I had some success with artichokes producing about 7 years ago and figure if I did it once, I can do it again. My article and photo were posted in the local newspaper. Sheri

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Anyone see my post? Hope it helps. :)

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I have been growing the artichoke plants from seeds since February 2010, the seed packet stated "it could take up to a year to produce artichokes" While the plants did not like the hot summer they survived. I kept them in the shade on the north side of the house during the summer. I then moved them to the east side this fall. The plants couldn't look better, they seem to be getting ready to produce. They really liked the composted horse manure I spread on them recently.

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How are everyone's FL artichokes doing?

I have recently started 9 from seed and they're doing well so far; of course it isn't summer just yet! I have the "Emerald" variety and the information says it takes 6 months to a year to produce artichokes for eating.

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I have 3 seedlings that I'm going to try to grow, and just read Joanne's advice about keeping them in pots and moving
them around, hope it works for me too.

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I'm in Ocala and I have 4 HUGE (about 4 feet diameter) artichoke plants (Green Globe) that I planted last August. Although I'd read various opinions online about the impossibility of growing them in Florida, my kids love artichokes and it's very rare to find organic ones in Ocala. I told them I would try.

However, right now I'm seeing a lot of insect activity on them and I don't see any buds at all, despite the warm weather we've had this year. Has anyone every seen Asian cockroaches on artichokes? I can't find anything about it. I've never seen cockroaches of any kind in my garden before, so I'm not sure if they are enemies or not. However, I do see areas where the leaves have been eaten and the cockroaches are hanging out in there, so I'm guessing they are bad. I've also seen some large black beetles. Also I see many ladybugs (which means there must be aphids) and spiders. Any suggestions on what I can do?

Any help from you successful Florida growers out there would be very appreciated!!

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I live in central fl (deland) and currently growing rhubarb a perennial vegetable they say won't grow here, due to our heat in summer and lack of cold in winter, however i recently met a man who has been growing it for the last 5 years he says that all you have to do is dig them up in may, put them in the freezer untill October then replant, i was wondering if this same method could be applied to artichokes here as well, anyway hope this helps. (and ps my rhubarb is looking fantastic!)

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