conifers and Quercus coccinea

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5December 22, 2011

pics from a November 2nd, 2011 walkabout ...

i think my goal was all Quercus coccinea pix ... but others may have slipped in ...

moved here in Jan 2000 ... in April went to Wade and Gatton tree farm in mansfield OH ... and my hosta buddy.. van wade.. sold me about 40 tree ... most oak.. called 6 to 8 foot bare root ... which means standing there holding it out of the ground.. it was 8 feet.. bingo bango .. planted.. 6 foot ...

the trees came right out of his cooler ... timing was precise ... and they were healed in immediately .. and planted within a week ...

5 autumn purple ash.. have gone to the tree god's ... embarrassed on the two cleveland select pear.. lol ... the redbuds are thriving ... as are the shingle, black, red and scarlet oaks ...

i would estimate the biggest today at 35 feet or so.. in 10 years ...

having moved from suburbia.. i had no clue what it meant to drag 350 feet of hose around a 500 foot square property ... i got real lucky that summer.. and it rained just about every 4 days ... making watering very easy .. and the temps were very mild ... i dont know how i could have achieved a 100% success rate otherwise ... this is where i learned the moat system.. as watering plants on hills on water repellent sand could not be achieved any other way ...

and without the WWW to ask questions.. i basically 'winged it' ... with only Van's directions at point of sale .... go figure on that ...

boy .. its going to be a long time.. before i have a day as glorious as that one.. brrrrrr ..


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Love those oaks! I'm having 50 oaks grafted this winter to add fall color to my conifer-scape. I've lined up some really nice material coming from my friend, Guy Sternberg.

Yesterday after four years of observing a Pin oak in the wild I collected scionwood and put a name on this as (December Red). While it may or may not make it into the trade ever, a name was necessary - just in case. This Pin is nearly fire engine red & the red persists for a long time (it's very good color, just a bit less than perfect) and the red color persists well into December as well as January. The boost of anthyocyanin pigment in its' DNA is the reason for it's boastful color. Photographed December 21, 2011.

Quercus palustris (December Red)

Quercus palustris (December Red)

Quercus palustris (December Red)


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Cher(6 SW OH)

Beautiful photos from both of you. Lovely trees and color. Ken those are some beautiful backdrops for your conifers.

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Great oaks, Ken. I just checked the range map and you're smack dab in one of the outlier pods.

That pin looks real good too Dax.


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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Lovely fall color. Those sure grew like weeds in your sand!

Talking about gardening career has been plagued by multiple 100 year floods followed by drought.

I can't wait for my stuff to get established...part of the reason for going ape sh&t the first year.

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treebarb Z5 Denver


You're knocking my socks off again! In early November I ordered a one gallon Quercus coccinea from Forestfarm, coming late March. It's great to get an idea what it'll look like for the grandkids I may have someday, lol. They're just beautiful!

Dax, that's a handsome tree. I wish the pins did better in alkaline soil or I'd give them a try!

Hang in there whaas, you're well on your way!


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Are the Q. Coccinea really that slow growing? I may try one, if it is alot slower than the other reds I want to put it where the others won't overtake the area before the scarlet can catch up. I don't plant my oaks too close together, but I have an area where some are 35 ft apart, enough to be bad for a slower grower. I'm trying for the wooded look in a certain area.

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treebarb Z5 Denver


It looks like Ken's grew roughly 3 ft a year. I think Coccinea is considered a fast grower by oak standards. I was referring to the results I'd expect in my alkaline clay and dry growing conditions. I'm 50, so I figure if I plant a one footer, I'll be in the rocking chair by the time it gets to 30ft! The oaks I have are a Bur, Quercus Macrocarpa, a 2-3ft whip planted 5 years ago that's now close to 6ft, a clearance rack, pot bound, hail damaged Swamp White, Quercus Bicolor planted a year ago (what's up with that? as Ken would say) and a Chinkapin, Quercus Muehlenbergii, planted this fall.

I wasn't trying to mislead you, just commenting on what I expect it to do here. I would think Coccinea would grow much faster in your area.


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Poaky, I have coccinea acorns.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

mine grow around 3 feet per year ...

but dont forget i started with 6 footers ...

when i move free range babes in the 1 to 3 foot range.. they tend to SEEM to just sit there for a few years ...

you are not going to plant a one footer.. and get it to grow to 4 foot the first year .. they are trees.. not perennials ...

if it does anything.. you might get it to two feet in 2 more years .... never forget.. with a tree .. that they need to grow the root mass.. to grow the tree above.. and those first few years are all about roots ... if it lives.. you just have to believe ... that they will get going sooner or later ...

35 feet apart ... sounds fine ... i doubt in your life time.. they will encroach on each other ....

make sense???

i dont consider any of this hijacking.. i post to entice... and expect questions ...

i suspect the oaks like my course sand and high drainage ...


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