ficus carica wood rot? or tree straightening?

Clm128September 3, 2013

hello. this is my first post to the fig forum but ive been around the citrus forum for awhile now. i purchaed my first fig tree back in june for 20$ at a local nursery. the only lable on it said ficus carica. from doing some reaserch on cutings ive now realized that the tree was mad from a cutting. the main trunk came up a few inchs then was chopped and a branch (which is now the main trunk) took over growing just below where it was cut.

now a few months later the new branch seems to be moving it self on top of the old cut branch to become a perfect straight 1 trunk tree. the wood around this area though looks like its been scratched away by a cat lol but theres no cats in my apartment. my question was if this is normal for a tree to do this or if it was a problem and also since im really not a fig guy any info on Ficus Carica in general would be great.

also the tree has produced some figs this year and they all stayed as green as the day they were thumbnail size, but from a quick google search of ficus carica u see purple to black figs? this makes me wonder

for my info im in quebec city, average indoor temperature is around 24C (im sorry i dont know the conversion to farinheight.) the tree gets about 5-7 hours direct light and an addition 3-4 indirect light through a south west window and is also close to my citrus's t5 grow light (it was directly under but i was told to remove it from bright light as it appears to be dormant) i water about once a week with fertalizer and once without. the tree was believed to be dormant because i repoted about 4 weeks ago and root pruned right after i got the fruit off the tree as it needed it. i also switched to gritty mix.

thanks in advance and sorry if thats way to much info i dont mean to give my life story i just wanna make sure i covered everything ;)

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heres another image

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heres another image

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It's hard to tell without a clearer image. As long as it grows then anything should be fine.

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