Shrubs for the shade

threehillsgardenNovember 10, 2012

Hi, I'm trying to sort out a tough corner in my yard, which is all on the south side of my house. Opposite the house is a 5ft fence underneath a mayday tree and some evergreens. It receives very little sun except a little in the morning.

I would love to have the fence covered with green and maybe a small tree to block the view to the neighbours window.Also I would like more shrubs and things to provide winter interest since it it the main view from my kitchen window.

So far I have a honeysuckle vine and an annabelle hydrangea there. Not sure if annabelle will make it yet, as I planted it this year. I would post a picture, but right now it's all covered in about a foot and a half of snow. :)

Please help!

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That's a real tough one. If underneath a mayday and evergreens I wonder if lack of available moisture isn't going to be an even tougher problem than shade. Drought tolerant, shade-loving shrubs?... I'm not coming up with much. Would a highbush cranberry at least address the shade part?

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Pudge 2b

Dogwood, perhaps?

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I think the moisture content is suprisingly good there, I have a downspout that empties into a barrel close by, and the area around never seems too dry. I like the highbush cranberry idea, is it ok in that much shade? I also have a dogwood near and I may get a few more. The other idea I had is nannyberry or flowering rasberry. Any thoughts?

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