Alma fig

sffog(10/SanFran)September 1, 2013

in 2011 got a fig called Alma Texas A&M, it grows well and had some fruit last year but they did not ripen. this year I have 12 fruits and today I tried a nice ,good sized dark soft one, YUK it was awful dry and pithy but it sure looked pretty,( i would take a picture but I don't know how to post it) does anyone know anything about this fig if the other fruit ripen and are still dry and pithy, I am getting rid of it.or should I give it another year. I have it in a large nursery pot.

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Different growing conditions of soil and weather makes difference. I have Alma in 7 gallon pot. The breba fruit on Alma ripened in August and they were good. The main crop is expected to ripen here in zone 5a by the end of September or early October.
Don't discard and give it more chance with more care (watering /fertilizing/pruning/pinching etc..

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Thanks ottawan, i'll give it another chance, it gets pampered, i wonder why it's pithy and dry. maybe it needs more fertilizer, i know it gets water, pruned and pinched. I think maybe it needs root pruning when it goes dormant, it's pretty tight in the pot.

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