Bronzing or unknown disease on fiddle leaf fig?

br23(6)September 30, 2012


My two fiddle leaf figs were recently transplanted because they were so root bound. We were very careful in transplanting and used a blend made ourselves of perlite, potting soil, and peat moss. Not long after they began to turn a bronze/reddish-brown on the undersides of the leaves, and then a few holes appeared. I immediately thought spider mites and sprayed them down with a dish soap and water mix, as well as some regular water spraying to dampen the leaves. They live on our front porch, sun and some occasional rain. It's been fairly humid here in MA. Any thoughts? The disease seems to be getting worse....

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I have similar thing like that on two of my fig trees when it was over 90 rainy and humid. I thought about rust and sprayed copper several times. Whatever it was gone and the two trees ripened their figs normally.

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