2 Seedlings opened

Julia NY(6)June 22, 2012

I just have two to show from the same cross of GRACE AND GRANDEUR X CERISE MASTERPIECE. I started these in Jan/Feb 2011 indoors, planted out in May 2011 and already have a blooms coming on. I think I have about 10 seedlings that survived with this cross.

Not the best but interesting.

This one bloomed first. Short scape. I like bitones so hopefully this one improves next year.

Same cross but different seedling . Short scape. Thick consistency.

This one made me giggle. It looks like a curly top.Scape is short. Thick consistency.


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shive(6b TN)

The second one has really pretty ruffling. I think it looks really good for the first? bloom. The first one definitely has potential. Be sure to show us some later pics of these two.


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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

Julie on the second one, does it hang at all, or does it open clean?

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What fun. These are both pretty and so different from each other. If these were in my garden, I would be doing the happy dance. I certainly never thought that I would be tempted to get into hybridizing, but...

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Julia NY(6)

Silverkelt: No hanging but we did have high temps up until yesterday late morning when the humidity cleared out and we started cooling down. I'm wondering if all the high temps we had made it easier for it to open?

Debra: Yes, first opening on this seedling. You can see another bloom getting ready to open behind it. I'm so amazed what opened given the first seedling did not do that. I have 10 seedlings of this cross. I wonder what the others will look like.

Christine: They are both short scaped and if over the next couple of years they don't get taller scapes, I'd have to get rid of them. It is a big flower but not desirable on a short scape, unfortuantely.


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