Help identify this fig tree

jimmychaoSeptember 13, 2012

I live in a neighborhood with 80% Italian decedent in Northern Jersey. There are many fig trees in my yard and neighbor's. The figs are large, sweet, and ripen since mid July. Still have plenty to be harvest for maybe a few weeks.

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The image of leaf.

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mtddigs(NY 6a)

Looks like a good one ........ Maybe we can trade , for cuttings I hope you have some luck with Identifying you tree . How do you winter protect ?

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Sure, would like to trade for other varieties. I don't have winter protection. I also plant 1 ft cutting in the yard 2 years ago, they all survived without any protection. My town is on a cliff, very windy and cold in winter. The USDA zone is 7, used to be 6.

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Nice Jimmy, too bad I cannot identify. You can try fig4fun. They have a huge database with hundred of varieties to cross reference.

I just started growing fig trees two years ago. I've received several varieties from members here and I curently have in the ground VDB, Hardy Chicago and BT. This is the first year full season inground as they all survived their first winter inground. The trees are super healthy and growing very well and tall. I'm still waiting for my first ripe fig. This will happen next year I hope...

I'm looking for some cuttings so I can plant and know they will produce. Sounds like yours and your neighbors are doing a great job producing fruit. I work in Little Ferry and I believe you most likely live nearby since I see a lot of homes around the area that have fig trees doing well. Any chances I can take a few cutting? I'll be glad to give a few cutting of what I have.



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Hi Rich,
I've checked fig4fun before, but still can't tell. There are many varieties look the same to me. The leaf on my tree actually have various shape. Another picture attached.
Anyway, I do belive mine is a good one, since they survive cold winter, get fig since July till now. I live in Lyndhurst, which is very close to Little Ferry. I'd like to collect all varieties that you have as long as they can survive the winter here. my number is 732-930-0139

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