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elena_rebeccaSeptember 20, 2009


I live in Portland OR. I moved into a new house this summer with the largest fig tree I have ever seen (see last photos). There are a ton of figs on the tree although many are very high up and I will not be able to reach them.

I have looked through identification guides and I am still unable to identify what kind of fig I have. There is a link to photos at the end of the post with fruit (exterior and interior), leaves and trees.

At first I thought it was a type of light colored fig, maybe a Marseilles and now think it might be a Brown Turkey, or a Texas Everbearing.

Some ripened mid-summer, but it was a small number compared to the total, and I don't think they get brown/purple. The ones ripening now do get dark in color (brownish purple), but I think by time they have a lot of dark color they are already too mushy, splitting and soft. These figs are VERY delicate and don't last long once picked. They also don't fall off when ripe, instead they rot on the tree. Right now I have figs that are maturing at very different rates. I think when they are truly ripe they are almost striped green with a bit of brown near the eye, which turns pink (but starts out green). The flesh is amber, maybe with just a hint of pink near the eye. They are sweet but not amazingly flavorful. The fruits vary in size from less than an inch to 3 inches.

The tree has leaves that are 3-lobed and 5-lobed.

Keep in mind that the tree was likely neglected for the past several years.

Do Marseilles turn brown if left on the tree for too long?

Here is a link to some photos:

Any information you may have would be much appreciated. Thank you!


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Try contacting Home Orchard Society. They might have a member who knows Fig varieties around Portland. If any are ripe on October 10-11, HOS is having their annual Fruit Show at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro. Take several ripe Figs and several leaves of the dominant form for ID.

Fig ID photos on my website may or may not be of any help as they are of the Breba crop, not the Main crop which you may get to ripen!

Have fun, kiwibob

Here is a link that might be useful: KIWIFRUITSALAD2

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