Wednesdays Wonders

organic_kitten(8)June 6, 2012

I know I have posted pictures os Dear Claws more thn once, but it has been such a good bloomer this year:

Guiding Radiance is putting out its usual crop of very large, flat blooms:

Malaysian Monarchcosy with Garrett Mason:

Blueberry Breakfast for its fans:

Forsyth's Kissy Face twins

Asian Fairy Bluebird:

Unless it puts up rebloom scap(s), this is it for Handwriting on the Wall:

Forsyth's Spellbinder:

Whistler's Sister is a bonus plant from last year, and it has bloomed very, very well this year...and has several re-bloom spikes up.

A nicely blooming NOID:

NOID up close - any ideas?

a very tall Island Time in front of blueberries:

Thank you for looking (and for so long!)


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Bear Claws does look wonderful. Especially in that lovely clump shot. You have so many really pretty daylilies and ones that I don't have here. I love Guiding Radiance and also the Forsyth's Kissy Face twins. Too pretty!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

WOW!!!!. I could look at that BEAR CLAWS, every daay. That red is gorgeous. Sure can not pick a favorite out of these as I love every one of them. You must not have racoons there. I got 2 Blueberry bushes in pots, inside my fenced in part to keep the deer from eating them, and the *%&$#*@%%% racoons found them and ate every last one of them. I planted them for ME to eat, not animals.and I never got any of them.last year I planted tomatoes in huge pots, in the back yard on a cement slab back there, and deer found them and ate them upI had a bush with the little tiny marble size tomatoes, and went out with a bowl to get them one morning, and didnt have none, they ate them all, and even most of the bush, too., so you must not have deer or racoons there.

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shive(6b TN)

Asian Fairy Bluebird and Handwriting On the Wall are the ones that stand out to me. The Kissy Face twins are very pretty too. Those blueberries are looking mouth-watering good.


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Nancy zone 6

I really like Asian Fairy Bluebird. Malaysian Monarch & Garrett Mason make a nice looking couple. Forsyth's Spellbinder is absolutely stunning.

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

My picks are Asian Fairy Bluebird and Island Time.

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Thanks Rita, you have so many lovelies you caost me money every year when I see another one I just "have to have".

Bear Claws is such an unusual daylily...very large with heavy substance, saturated color, ruffled edges and a shiny appearance.

Actually, Jean, we do have racoons on occasion. They have gotten into the cat food and eaten it, but not the blueberries far. However, we don't have much of a deer problem.

Thanks Nancy. I do like all of the ones you mentioned.

Val, Island Time is so much taller than my other daylilies that I have actually taken pictures of ones right next to it and not nopticed it was blooming before.

Thank you all for looking and commenting.

Debra, I have picked about 6 quarts so far...I do not understand why it is, but picking blueberries gives me a lot of trouble with the hip I injured...I can;t leave them there to waste though.

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Maryl zone 7a

My goodness! How pretty those are. I always like seeing Blueberry Breakfast. I can remember seeing a clump shot of it when I first started visiting this forum years ago and have never forgotten it. It must be a really prolific bloomer. Forsyth's Spellbinder catches my eye, as does Bear Claws. Great shade of red in your picture. They are all terrific (and the blueberries can have a place in my muffin)....Maryl

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Thank you for posting Blueberry Breakfast again, you can count me among its fans. And I just love Bear Claws and am happy to see that one again also. The cosy photo of Malaysian Monarch is very nice.

As for your NOID, do you think it might be Lilting Belle?

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Malaysian Monarch side-by-side with Garrett Mason was just plain inspired! I wish my pairing choices went as well...alas, lol!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Julia NY(6)

I agree on the pairing of Malaysian Monarch with Garrett Mason. BUT, the pic with the blueberries in the back is delicious ;-).


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Your right all of them are Wonders to me.

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My favorite is a picture of Malaysian Monarch and Garret Mason. I actually like all the Forsyths. And I am a fan of Blueberry Breakfast too.

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brittie(Houston 9a)

Dear Claws and Spellbinder are very nice today. :)

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