Moving my ground orchid

alys_esmond(9b Orlando)March 29, 2013

I, clearly, planted my ground orchid in the wrong spot.

Teach me to rely on a big box care tag without verifying, because this plant is a whole lot bigger than the tag said it would grow.

I'm thinking to dig up the crown of thorns that's behind it and move that to another bed entirely and then move the orchid left and forward. Plus build a small cage around it because the chickens keep standing in the middle of it.

Any thoughts on whether this plant is ok to dig up and move? Should I do a root pruning like I do to my moth orchids? And does anyone know its name???

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coffeemom(Broward z10)

I'm guessing Epidendrum radicans. Google for culture info. I tried to post a link and was denied

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Thanks Coffeemom for the ID. I have two like this I received from a friend, one is definitely the on you named above.

I also did the look up on growing preferences and I totally have both growing in totally the wrong conditions. So, after I finish my current project of putting in a patio, these guys will get moved.

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I have this in my yard, Epidendrum radicans for sure, they like part shade, a full dose of Florida sun will crisp the leaves. I have mine near a tree and it will attach itself. I had to move mine out of the sun.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Epidendrum s are only semi'terrestrial not true ground orchids Though they can be grown by almost any method
I find the best to be in a trough with free draining soil . As they get leggy just snip them off and stick it back into the media.. You can also grow them attached to trees but the first method will give you many more flowers for longer periods . IME the most flowers are produced in full sun
Growing them in the ground is difficult because of their growth habit very leggy lolo
I find the puple ,pinks and whites MUCH more difficult and far less productive than the yellow, oranges.
have seen them grown in bromeliad beds where they add a dash of color but require constant snipping and replanting. gary

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We plant them in painted bird cages, small crab traps and fish baskets. Put a coco basket liner in the bottom, potting soil and plant. Kind of solves the leggy aspect, they gow up through the openings and are supported by the cage, trap or whatever. Plus you can hang them anywhere, I put most in high light, filtered sun. Blooming like crazy now!

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alys_esmond(9b Orlando)

Walisadi that sounds amazing.

Any pictures?

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got inspired after seeing the orchid post. J bought this fountain last year, with the oaks, nothing but leaves and cleaning daily. drilled it today and trasplanted the orchids in it. i like it.

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alys_esmond(9b Orlando)

That looks great!

Went to lowes today to buy the bean poles for mine...

Came home with a foxtail palm and a plan for our easement. So, our usual $5 run that costs $120 and takes up a whole day+

Because, of course, once we planted the tree and its companions, moved three others to be new friends too, we still decided we bought 1 plant too few...

This is officially the tallest tree we've carried in the car (can you see it in the trunk?)! So Epidendrum relocation has been postponed to tomorrow ;-)

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Alys, I would have given $100 to watch you drive down the road with that palm tree sticking up out of your trunk! That is too great!

(You may be lucky you didn't hit any power lines? A few years ago, I was behind a guy pulling a boat on a trailer. He had forgotten to take the fishing rods out of the holders. I watched and winced as the rods hit every single power line all the way down the two-lane road.

Your palm is going to be beautiful! I adore foxtails. I bought one a few years ago, knowing they are not cold tolerant enough for Jacksonville. I wrapped it up and put heat lamps on it during the cold nights ... but it did not make it. I think foxtails are the prettiest of all the palms.

Carol in Jacksonville

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alys_esmond(9b Orlando)

It is done!

Ah, the joy of digging under my big maple... ROOTS! Roots of the plants I want to move woven thru the tree's roots, tree roots where I want to put the plants!

But it's done, I can see the flowers from the deck again and Chocolate can't stand in the middle of the plant. Victory for the human, for now.

Carol, we'd taken into account clearance. There was a horrible accident with a tv van in Toronto a few years back... The driver drove odd without lowering his antenna tower and drove, fast under a bridge. The tower dragged back, then whipped forward when he cleared the bridge and slammed thru the windshield, killing the driver. And, funnily enough, I too have seen the fishing boat being towed with rods hitting trees, bridges, traffic signals. LOL

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Inspired by Walli's orchid cage above, I just bought this cast iron house. This is the photo from when it was listed on Craigslist. I plan to put a plant inside but I'm still trying to decide exactly how to do it. It doesn't have a bottom and I don't want the yard to look junky. I have to figure out where and how to set it up. It is considerably smaller than Walli's so this will be small scale. It's very firm and sturdy and I don't think ever actually used as a bird cage - the door does not open. Anyone have any good ideas?!

Carol in Jacksonville

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