Sunflower Seeds

theoj(Z9 FL)March 18, 2013

I don't want to garden so much this summer so I am throwing sunflower seeds around my garden with dreams of a small field of sunflowers. Of course, in the morning I find some shells around so I am feeding some night-critters, but that's okay, I suppose. I buy seeds for $1 a pound at the Farmers Market, much cheaper than seed packets.

I hope these seeds haven't been roasted, I couldn't find bird seed that was just sunflower seeds. So what do you think of my idea???

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Sounds like a great idea to me....

Our bird seed sprouts all the time, so yours should too. We don't end up with a field of sunflowers, though. Lots of millet and weird looking plants.

The sunflowers that don't get eaten will grow and you might get several different kinds, especially if you scatter enough to sprout and share with the critters

I hope you'll show us a picture....we especially love Befores and Afters.


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you can buy bags of black oils sunflower seeds at Lowes in the bird food section. That should be enough for you and all the critters

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