What causes the leaves to curl up, dry out, and fall off?

newgen(9 Central California)September 2, 2010

That's what's happening to one of my fig trees. Had lots of fruits a couple months ago. We also had a heat wave just before this leaves-falling-off episode, could that be the reason?


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Yes, too much heat and not enough water can absolutely do that I have about 5 plants that are doing that now after a week of weather in the 100's and soil drying out too fast. Leaves curled up and fell off no leaves on the trees now. Hopefully they are still alive. Was your plant also in a container?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Heat - nutrition ... mainly deficiency, but toxicity, too - watering practices(over/under) and soil composition - are the big 3 possibilities, in my estimation. Herbicide injury (consider drift) is always a possibility when leaf curling is a symptom, too.


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newgen(9 Central California)

My figs are in the ground. The one that is partially shaded is all green. The one in full sun (105 F) lost some leaves. I've started watering it more.


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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Maybe we all need to start looking for fig trees that love the heat?

Nelson, is that the norm for summer temps up there?

I have the babies along the front of my house, under the overhang so they only get morning to about 1PM sun and that's almost too much for them in pots.

My inground Celeste stayed a beautiful green all summer and gets sun most of the day, but dropped a lot of her fruit. So did the Celeste tree out front, though it doesn't get full day's sun.

What kind of trees do you have, newgen?


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We had the same thing happen here this past week.
A family member who was in charge of watering while we were away for 3 days, didnt do their job. I came home to curled up, dry leaves on this years cuttings which were of course in containers. Any tips on care from this point going forward ? Thanks

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Sorry to hear your watering problem. My tree has a 12" dia and never has that problem. Had to cut it back this year as it was reaching out past my fence on all sides. Not many figs this year but expect to see too many again next year. I took some cuttings and just stuck them in water just 2 weeks ago. I am seeing roots starting to form already.

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I have two kinds of fig trees I planted this year. I put some by mistake in full sun and some in partial shade. the one in partial shade are growing and look very good. The one in full sun has its leaved curl up and look sad during the day sun and heat. I figured out that the trees were shipped to me bare foot. Bare foot trees has its roots shocked up and need recovery. I water the ones in full sun daily. When the sun goes away the leaved come back normal. I figured that the leave curling is a self-defense for imbalance between the root not supplying enough water and the leaves in 100 degree heat losing too much water. When the root system establishes itself this problem will disappear. I have one tree shipped to me in container and it is full sun and has no problem at all because its roots are intact. Now I learned my lesson not to buy trees from any nursery selling bare foot trees.Pay a little more for the shipping and give your tree one year advantage. Believe or not my eggplants had the same problem and I kept watering it twice a day and the problem disappeared. I have abundant eggplant crop I just donated 40 eggplants to the soup kitchen. My water bill doubled but it still $120 for the quarter. The summer in our area was very hot and dry.

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newgen(9 Central California)


Both my figs are Mission (dark blackish purple when ripe)

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