A little about me..just starting a new thread from old thread.

danesnpits(2a)December 4, 2013

GW Name - Danesnpits

What does your GW name stand for?
Great Danes and American Pit Bull Terriers..the loves of my life.

Real Name - Krista

Age - 40

Companion - yes, a bf

Children? Grandchildren? None, liver cirrhosis at an early aged prevented me from carrying to full term.

great danes, pit bull, sphynx cats. But I have had devon rex, himalayan, bengals, and every other creature imaginable. I used to manage a petstore and am a certified dog trainer.

Where do you live or used to live?
Lived in Tisale, SK my whole life, then moved to Saskatoon for 10 years and now in Aberdeen, SK, NE of the city of Saskatoon.

Zone? 2b (according to the Canadian Zone Map)

Do you work?
I am on disability for mental illness. Bipolar manic depression and borderline personality disorder. So I opened up my own business at home, and am an international weight loss coach and distributor of the hormone hcg.

Companion Occupation?
He is a red seal journeyman carpenter working out at the Vanscoy Mine.

Other hobbies besides gardening?
water sports, dogs, animals, anything outdoors. I also am a fashion blogger and love to cook.

How long have you been gardening?
Just started summer of 2013. I am indoor gardening only.

Where is your garden located and what is its size?
My living room. And its full.

Courses in Horticulture?

What are your specialities in gardening?
Miniature roses, several species of orchids, tropical hibiscus, succulent and cactus, gesneriads, aroids, ferns, moss, terrariums, just to name a few. I sow seeds and propagate with cuttings.

Favorite Flower? Hibiscus

Favorite Tree/Shrub?
I love bonsai

What has been the best-performing plant/plants in your gardens?
No garden but indoors it has been my hisbiscus.

Most Challenging Plant?

What has been your best garden purchased or project?
Propagator, heat mat, thermostat etc...and grow lights.

Any projects in the works or planned?
Right now I have hibiscus, corkscrew vine, passion flower, bat plant and adenum obessum germinating. I also imported a few hibiscus branches from Hawaii, portugal etc that are rooting.

If you had an unlimited budget, what would you do with your gardens?
I would hire Martha Stewart's gardeners to come make me one like she has.

If you could invent a plant, what would it look like?
Glow in the dark..and I hear there are some mushrooms out there that actually do glow.

Describe an experience with a garden pest that had you ready to throw in the trowel?
Spider mites on my plumeria, roses, and a few other plants. I could never keep on top of those nasty critters.

What advice do you have for the novice gardener?
Don't be like me and buy 70 species of indoor plants in a span of 2 months..do not buy 27 orchids off ebay...like I did..learn what you are doing, before you get into it. It has cost me alot of freakin' money just to set up for my orchids..which I didn't know about..yikes!

What is your motivation for gardening?
I can't be a real mom, so I want to mother my plants..and dogs.


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Thanks for reviving this thread, Krista. I didn't know if it was still active or not. Anyone else who is new, feel free to post about yourselves if you want. :)

And welcome, Krista. Maybe by next summer, you can extend your gardening to the outdoors. None of us here are enablers, not at all.... LOL

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Hi Marciaz3!! Thank you thank you..I never thought of you all as enablers hahaha never! Mind you, my bf is a carpenter, and I have been bugging him for a greenhouse.

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Hello Sharon ... there's lots of friendly knowledgeable folks on this forum, soooo feel free to post and show photos of your indoor plant collection. Though, as Marcia had implied, we'll need to get you outdoors and scratching in the dirt, lol.

When I was only a kid, I had all sorts of houseplants and over time that number had grow beyond 70. But, those that had presented a cultural challenge or always being plagued with insects were discarded, such as the dwarf citrus. In my teenage years, my interest in outdoor gardening had rapidly increased at the expensive of the indoor greenery! Now, at nearly 50 years old, I currently only have three low care houseplants that include a hoya, a cactus and a Tiger aloe, all being tolerant of my now brown indoor thumb, lol. My focus is instead upon roses, perennials, waterlilies, conifers, trees and shrubs, veggies and small fruit.


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Hi Terrance nice to meet ya and thanks for the reply! Yes I must get outside in scratch that dirt. Where I live now, in Aberdeen, we gravelled the whole backyard due to having multiple horses in the house. LOL..my great danes make a terrible miss on grass so it was the only way. And mud? As in garden? Would be destroyed unless I built a fence around it. We are planning to buy a house soon, so hope to change all that. I can not wait to get into roses outdoors and perenials, grow my own veggies. Lily's too! I hope he builds me a greenhouse, as I am a die hard fan of tropicals. Plumeria and hibiscus are my fave's. Been growing them indoors for a year under lights, and lots of blooms. I also enjoy propagating and starting from seed indoors. Fun stuff! I guess when you grow up as a small town girl, you stick to your roots..hahahaha..too funny!

Krista - sorry I left Sharon's name in the original post, so she knew I ressurrected it.

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Krista, I have always wanted to give Plumeria a try and sometimes will check in on the Plumeria forum. I think I probably keep my home a bit tooo cool for their liking, though would like to give one a try just the same. Previously, when I used to have a large south facing solarium, I had several beautiful huge vigorous passion vines and even a 'Himrod' grape that produced excellent tasting fruit.

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