Pls help design a wedding photo backdrop

shootingstar2(zone 3/4)December 12, 2007

Hi all,

I work for an agency that that provides support and training for folks with disabilities. Primarily my function of late has been creating small businesses that provide training & employment opportunities.

We have a large and very beautiful garden that has recently undergone a major renovation. In the past it has been rented for weddings and functions but I am now working towards increasing that type of use. I think it needs more spaces for photo backdrops.

The first area I would like to develop is a corner with a wood fence backdrop. There is a cement pathway that encircles the whole garden. I can see a spot where the wedding party could stand on the path for photos. I would like to have roses behind them and smaller perennial plantings in front of the path to hide their feet. There is not as much space for the roses as I would like, most likely only one or 2 deep.

Does anyone have suggestions for the roses:

they need to be hardy and not require winter protection in zone 3-4

probably soft to med pinks, or other colours??

very good bloom in June towards July peak wedding season if a once bloomer or good fast repeat.

Healthy foliage throughout the season.

I was thinking stanwell perpetual, polaresis maybe therese bugnet or martin are the repeats on these

thoughts....suggestions, even on others colours as well, as the important thing is a good look for photo's

thanks in advance


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Cathy, i have Martin Frobisher and he blooms mostly in June but continues all summer. Would Hansa be too dark a pink? It keeps going all summer, especially if it's deadheaded. If you look in the Gallery, there's a rose thread where you'll find great-looking roses that might fill the bill.

Is this your personal garden?

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shootingstar2(zone 3/4)


I have Martin Frobisher as well but it is young so was not sure how the repeat is once he is mature. Hansa is a good idea, I can be flexible on the colour scheme if I can find good repeat. Since I want them to be a backdrop for photo's good bloom production is more important.

No the garden is not my own, in my home garden I take more chances (austins, flori's, HT's etc) because I am there to baby them along. This is for a public garden maintained mostly by volunteers. That is why they need to be hardy without extensive winter protection methods.


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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

Cathy, for a light pink I would recommend Prairie Joy. It does bloom later in June here though.
For earlier blooms check out Robert Erskine roses. Lots of them are once blooming.
I personally have Prairie Peace and she gave me a big flush of flowers earlier in June. It also had no die back what so ever.
I am ordering more of his roses this year.


Here is a link that might be useful: Robert Erskine Roses

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shootingstar2(zone 3/4)

Thanks Shelly

Prairie Joy is a good suggestion. I have prairie dawn, or I should say I thought I did, as it does not look like many of the photo's I have seen...mine seems to be a paler pink and very cupped bloom shape in large clusters. It is very lovely as each cluster looks like a bridal bouquet. The repeat was also quite good. It is a very lovely rose and I like it very much, as soon as I can figure out what it is I would heartily recommend

I like many of R. Erskine's roses very much, I just wish they weren't so hard to get.

It was your photo's of Prairie Peace that made me decide I have to get it somehow someday. I am such a sucker for that colour and very much liked the height you were getting out of yours. The link you posted above is the only source I have seen for it but P.Peace is sort of pricey, do they at least ship a decent sized plant??

I really really really shouldn't order any more, I have 30 coming from Pickering and Palantine has expanded their list of Geschwinds and I really want to give them a try. So I have toasted the budget already for this year.

sigh, sure wish I had a bigger yard.


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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

Cathy, you might possibly have Prairie Joy already instead of Prairie Dawn. What is the bush form like? Almost perfect? Prairie Joy is my nicest looking bush. Plus she blooms like crazy.

With regards to Prairie Peace, I have only seen it sold at that website as well. I ordered it in 2004 and got them the spring of 2005. I was rather disappointed at that time with what I received plant wise. They were sticks with very little root. I am going to assume that they were suckers from a mother plant. I ordered 2, but Sheila did send me 3 sticks. Having said that, I was not unhappy this year. This bush is a beauty. Plus I did not have to prune it what so ever. A definite bonus. Plus all of the plants did grow well.


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shootingstar2(zone 3/4)


You might be right, at least the colour is more of a match. It has been the flower form that kept getting me hung up. They seem to stay cuped right to almost the very end. The plant was new this past spring but sure put on a show and I luv it. It bloomed like crazy, put on new growth steadily and evenly, had nary a spot of disease. A REAL winner. No real scent to speak of but it has everything else in spades. I really want to find out it's correct name because I want to get one for a friend.

Here are some pics of mine, what do you think.

That last one shows our mystery baby in front. It was just planted this spring.

Thanks for the info on P.Peace, I was hopeful that they would be a decent size, but perhaps it will be the only option. Will have to ponder it a bit.


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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

Cathy although I do not have Prairie Dawn, I would say that the flowers are a bit too full and cupped to be that rose.

Your rose is a bit darker pink than my PJ flowers, (Soil conditions as well as weather play a part on the color of a flower so I won't base my opinion on that.)
The rose's flower form is so similar to mine. Plus the leaves and how it buds looks like my Prairie Joy.
My Prairie Joy bushes are one of the best when it comes to disease resistance and have next to no scent.

I'm pretty sure that the rose you have is Prairie Joy.
Post pictures of it next year when it is another year older. If the form continues to grow and make a nice rounded bush, I'd be 99 % certain.
Or you could always go buy a PJ and compare.

And as far as Prairie Peace, IMO don't hesitate. She's a keeper.


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Since this is going to be a back drop for weddings - you'll want it to be a constant showplace and everything has it's show time at different times.... What about "planting" empty plastic pots, then fill them (pot in a pot) with what is looking its best at those different times - and then changing it out to next plant when it starts to fade. Everthing will look as if it is planted. You could also place some pretty pots filled with annuals to hide bare knees of plants and add spots of color where needed. Hanging baskets on shepard hooks, a climbing vine, as for roses - you can't beat Knockout roses for longevity....

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