Suggestions for Plants to Hide Dying Bulb Foliage

kimnc7August 13, 2008

Thinking ahead to fall planting (yay) we have a densely planted "bulb corner" underneath a dogwood tree. We have many dozens of different kinds of daffodils that leave a mass of dying foliage all the way into mid-June. In the early spring the location gets full sun then transitions to mostly shade (about 2-3 hours of late afternoon sun) when the tree has leaves. Does anyone have suggestions for perennials to plant/intermix that would help hide some of that foliage? I also would like to add that our soil is acidic virtually unamended clay in that section of the bed. Many thanks!

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i like daylillies with daffs but in shade i would put hostas. there are so many kinds are they are really easy to grow.

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I sometimes end up putting annuals in and around them. I have used nicotiana, salvias, and floss flowers, and others I can't think of right now. Iris may help hide some of them if you put them at the edge of the bed. I like to put groups of daylilies and iris together, because they bloom at different times. Is it sunnier on the edge of the bed?


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Nell Jean

Daffodils will come up through vining perennials like vinca minor or lantana montevidensis.

Where daffodils are really thick, perennials with thick, heavy roots may compete.
I mostly use annuals: larkspur, silene and various poppies followed by periwinkles and melampodium for summer and fall.

In some areas I just put up with dying foliage until it can be mowed and the area reverts to rough grass.


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libbyshome(z9a BC)

I have my spring bulbs in the dahlia bed.


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Thank you very much for all of your responses. I would love to place some dahlias there but it only gets 2 hours of sun. If there is dahlia that performs well in those conditions please let me know. I love dahlias and would like to have room for more.

foxesearth, you make a very good point about perennial roots. It seems as though annuals may be the answer. Daylilies are not an option as my husband is very allergic to them.

Thanks to everyone again!

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I use nepeta, Homestead Verbena, perennial heliotrope, gaillardia, salvia, spirea. I try to keep my bulbs mixed randomly around the garden and in the middle so that there's not a big mass of bulbs together, and no where near the edges of the beds.

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Hey, I planted some Homestead Verbena in an area where the bulbs were finished. It is growing very quickly, and blooming very well. I used to have the old fashioned kind that was similar, but with lighter flowers. It died out at some point. I like your idea of not massing bulbs together.


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Nell Jean

From this:

to this in six weeks with fall planted annuals and a few biennials and perennials.

The daffodil foliage is hidden. Click pics for larger view.

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I looked at your other pics, too, Nell. Your beds look so full and happy.


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