P. nigra 'Oregon Green' -- whats wrong and pix editing

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5December 3, 2011

finally figuring out how to use my stand alone hard drive... plus the photo editor ...

i THINK.. and joy can straighten us out.. this is a plant that was developed .. get this.. wait for it.. in oregon.. lol ... and i think i was told for the xmas tree industry ... i am wondering if it is a true cultivar ... or one of those seedling deals...

regardless.. is a gorgeous green.. and has a fantastic shape and form ... it would make a good xmas tree ...

anyway.. the interior browning is self explanatory .. its normal ... about 2 years ago.. top pic.. lower right ... S to SE side... you can see that a bunch of growth points failed ... those above struggled.. but put out growth ...

i distinctly rule out a 12 foot dog ... nigra should have no problems in z5 ... i have no clue what the understock is.. and since it was one foot tall when i bought it in sept 2005 from gee tree ... i would suggest that at 10 feet tall.. it doesnt have too many root issues.. lol ... ANY THEORIES????

here is the original pic from the camera.. taken on the biggest setting ... 3264 x 2448 ... the shear size allows one to trim it down.. while retaining good resolution ... the file number from the camera was: 20111126_1660 .. the first part being the date ...

this one.. all i did was adjust the 'lighting' .. which means contrast ... until the pix.. on my monitor.. gives the truest color .... to my eye anyway .... it basically gets rid of the wash out effect of whatever the sky is doing ... i then saved it under the old number PLUS an 'a' .. so this file is: 20111126_1660 a [i will go back at some point and add the name in front of it all .. so that on my hard drive.. they will all be under the cultivar name... and then by date take.. and then if edited.. with the lower case alpha]

next.. going back to the original ... i dont like repeatedly changing a pic .... i degrades quickly .... i 'trimmed' or cropped the pic down to 1643 x 1235 pixels .. and then adjusted the balance.. and saved it under 20111126_1660b

finally ... i took 'b' .. and cropped it down to 1091 x 627 ... balanced light ... and saved it as 20111126_1660c .. you can tell.. by this time..i am running out of pixels ... and the pic is not as crisp as it s/b ....

the whole point of this.. is that editing.. is way better than using a digital zoom ... take big pixel shots.. and crop them down.. rather than trying to zoom in ... AND.. learn how to use the macro setting.. and get in close.. and then use the cropper ... perhaps i will get into that in another post ... ken

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

Agreed. I have never touched the digital zoom on my camera or my cell. Digital zoom sbould be done on the pc just like u did under a different file name.

What photo program do you have? I prefer a free one called Paint.net

Their website sucks anymore. To many ads for a bigger program GIMP. Not that I dont own GIMP as well, it does read and edit PDF files more or less. Comes in more handy at work than home.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Ken, do you typically see fall needle loss this time of year?

Most of my plants dropped late Sept/early Oct. Even my neighbor's juvenile P. nigra dropped well over a month ago.

Just surprised to see such a difference with similar growing conditions and climate.

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Good stuff Ken !

....isn't photo editing fun ? (he said rhetorically)


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