Blueberries ??

CLBlakeyDecember 31, 2012

I know winter seems odd to think about blueberries but trying to plan for next year. I had been thinking haskaps but the more I hear I think I might not like the taste. I have yet to try one. My husband wants to plant along our property line for separation. Do you grow blue berries? How do they do? How fast are they growing for you? are they high or low bush? Is there a place I could order in bulk cheaper than 20$ a plant that is how much Canadian Tire had them for here last year.

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I have not tried blueberries in this climate, mainly because blueberries like acid soil and I think my soil is quite alkaline and I couldn't be bothered to fuss with the pH enough to treat and maintain an acid soil. Might be great if you are in a natually sandy area though.

Haskaps? Ugh, I could have given you mine, except I pulled them out this year since they taste so sour.

If I were planting a new berry-border, I would either opt for saskatoons (smoky would be my variety of choice), or one (or several) of the new Romance Series of tart cherries from the University of Saskatchewan breeding program.

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I am worried about that with Haskaps but really dislike Saskatoons too plus I think they grow too big for the area I have. I grew up with blueberries and huckleberrys but I was hopeful when haskaps were described as a blueberry raspberry combo but from what I have read here sour seems to be the biggest comment. I saw a site yesterday that had a "blueberry saskatoon" popped off an email asking about it. I already have a cherry and raspberries. We have clay soil so would have to amend it for blueberries I think it would be worth the effort IF they actually produce here.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

There are blueberries in the new Botanus catalogue - so far only online.

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I bought the blueberries from Botanus last year. I planted them in a pot for the summer. Unfortunately I ran out of time to get them planted in a sheltered spot in the ground, so they're in our garage in the pots. Highly unlikely they'll survive. They were pretty and healthy little plants though :)

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Thanks I checked and only one is for zone 3 and that is a low bush looks like I am out of luck :( I am pretty sure a zone 4 won't make it here. Looks like haskaps might be my only option.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

I'm with Don, our soils are for for blueberry,..and Haskap is far away from a Blueberry.
One of the best berries and healthiest you can grow is the black currant,..but, I have to cover them with fleece against the fruit flies. Problem free is Haskap if you don't mind sour, ...I love them, very easy to pick, freeze well and virtually no seeds.

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