queen crepe myrtle

daviedearest(z10 FLA)March 15, 2008

Hi! can anyone give me info on the queen crepe myrtle? I am in cape coral(zone10) & am interested in a showy pink/purple flowering ornamental........any suggestions?

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Love it! But, you should know that it's natural form is a large cascading shrub. If you are looking at it for the "Tree" form, get ready for a lot of work.

But you will have plenty of suckers to root.

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daviedearest(z10 FLA)

have you had any experience with the queen as opposed to just a reg. tree? I certainly don't want any more worj then necessary

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Have one 10 yrs old , about 15 feet tall and 9" diameter trunk that has been flowering for years. In May i get profuse flowering and it is beautiful. Sporadic flowering continues til August when I get a second flowering that is not anything like Mays. It is deciduous and is loosing the remaining leaves now. I have been unable to find information about pruning and fertilizing that might make the bloom better . If you do, please let me know. There are larger trees in Stuart that are over 30 feet high and when in bloom are spectacular, unfortunately the bloom lasts only a couple weeks.

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barbcoleus(z10 Cape Coral,Fl)

HEre's my Queen's Crepe Myrtle. I'm in Cape Coral too. I've had it a long time. I think when I first got it it died back during a couple of cold spells and now there are three trunks. It grows like a tree and is currently leafless. I've just gotten a Queens Wreath vine and planted it at the base so it will grow up it and bloom in the winter when the tree is naked---
I haven't noticed that it ever suckered. It is a mass of blooms when it's in bloom.

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Sorry, Didn't mean sucker. I meant that it will develop multi-trunks and if you want a single trunk tree form, these lower sprouts must be removed while the tree is still young.

Thanks for the pics. Never saw them so large in the Tampa Bay area.

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daviedearest(z10 FLA)

thanks all for your help. barb, can you tell me if you planted yours, approx. how long ago & how large it was at the time. I've found one about 4 to 4 1/2 ft & of course its missing its leaves so looking pretty spindely at best.I have no idea what rate of growth to expect & how at what stage they begin to flower. Patience isn't one of my best virtues, so naturally I want it beautiful NOW! might you know of any growers locally thaty might have any of good size? I may have to hit the yellow pages tomarrow.............

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barbcoleus(z10 Cape Coral,Fl)

I think I put it in quite a while ago. I know I wouldn't have bought a big tree because I'm cheap. It's been flowering for several years. Sorry I'm of no help at all.

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evak(10A NFtMyers)

I have heard that cutting off the berries/spent blooms will cause crepe myrtle to bloom again. Is this true? Do I trim off just the very tips with the seed clusters, or cut further back on the branch, taking a few leaves?

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tropicalfreak(z10b Ft Lauderdale)

Are they easy to grow from seed?Tropicalfreak

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Cliff, I found a seedling from under a friend's tree and have been growing it. It is close to 3ft tall now and seems to be doing fine. ;o)

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I'm in Charlotte County here's mine taken a month ago not quite in full bloom: the small one in middle of two fences is pink & white on same plant, ppl. have told me it would go all pink, but has not for years now..

Here is a link that might be useful:

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it is march 14 2011...our queen is dropping it's leaves, had several cold fronts, we arn't seeing any buds on the North side.it's about 20 ft high.thick truck, very full but the north half is just sticks......to soon to tell or do you have suggestions. Thanks Rp

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