whats wrong with my brown turkey fig leafs

StevenKhaOctober 15, 2013

can anyone tell me whats wrong with my fig plz

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picture 2

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Did you over-fertilize?
Did you under-water?
Did you over-expose to the sun?

It does not look like regular (moisture) leaf 'rust' to me...

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Did you spray anything on the leaves?

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i just moved it out of its original store container and put it in to a big planter. water it once every 3-4 days . weather around here is mostly in 65-70 F now im in zone 6, New York City. no fertilizer added. now most leafs are yellow and falling off.

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It's hard to say exactly what's going on with those damaged leaves, but the rest of the tree looks healthy. If the damage wasn't from insects, then it was cultural neglect.

Living in Zone-7/NYC ....will send your tree into dormancy within the next month. Next year, if all goes well, you'll have a fresh crop of pristine leaves. Don't worry too much. It happens. But think about what gorgi listed. My quick guess: that tree dried out before you re-planted it into the larger pot. It hardly matters now.

Please protect that tree through the freezing months Jan-Feb. Try to keep the tree outside, in full sun for as long as possible while roots reestablish themselves into the new surrounding potting mix. Roots will still grow into the Fall season. Yes, no fertilizers now. Water the tree a few times throughout the Winter to keep the soil moist, not soaking wet, if you are storing it in an unheated garage. Let snow do its job if the tree will be left outside.

Good luck.


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I think it is some type of fungal infection. Notice the small black spots on the leaf stem and veins.

Infected leaves should be removed and discarded immediately. All leaves should be discarded after they drop as well to reduce the amount of spores in the growing area next year.

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