Worst crop of figs in years...

oldmarkOctober 6, 2012

I'm wondering f this is weather related...lots of local apple and fruit growers seem to have very small harvests this season. My back yard fig tree is about 10 years in the ground, a Celeste, and it has given up a huge amount of fruit for years in the past- I still have about 15 pounds of figs frozen from 2 years ago...and they will probably have to do for this winter's cooking...I just went to pick figs now and found 5 of them. I have a lot of greenery, but hardly any figs and few of those seem to be ripening. I cut it back pretty much last winter, but did not thin it over the summer-only once...there are a lot of canes. I will cut and thin it again this winter, but this is the worst season since it started to bear regularly.


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It was the climate this year and last year,very bad for fruit trees in general.
Thin the plant next Spring,not now because the Winter might thin it for you,as it will be a harsh Winter,and ,when dense the tree will resist better to frost.

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Mark and anyone else is reading:
Someone ,just posted that in South Central Pa,this person got the best fig Harvest this year of many years,to date.
Here in north east Philadelphia ,not too far from Mark place it was bad.
That goes to show how climate ,could be different,and have totally different results ,at 100 miles ,distance from the 2 points.

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