Should I give this fig a chance...or replace it

girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)October 12, 2010

The Janice Seedless fig I ordered from Bay Laurel last winter hasn't grown much and produced only two figs for me to sample, both of which were unremarkable. My dilemma this fall is, do I go ahead and rip it out while it's still young and easily removed, or do I give it another season or two to improve?

My decision will be influenced heavily by whether or not anybody can tell me they've ever had a really good Janice Seedless fig. If so, I am inclined to let it mature a few more years..but I hate to waste the valuable spot if it will only produce mediocre figs after all that time and nurture.

What do you say forum?

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girlbug2 thats a very personal question. Any two people eating the same fig may have very different opinions about its taste. In Arizona where I live I have found that figs trees grow more fruit with each passing year. I have not found the fruit to get better though with each passing year. If it were my tree and if I had eaten two ripe un-soured fruit and did not like the taste I think I would pull it.

If you have fig tree whose fruit you like that will not grow. Try giving it a slightly over dose of fertilizer and water it well in early spring. It may not fruit that year but it will grow and produce a tree of a size that will produce much more fruit the next season.

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