Unknown Aglaonema

Nigella(9a-steamy)July 6, 2003

This is a beautiful plant, the petioles nearly glow.

Image link:

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kaleanna(z8 TX)

beautiful plant Margaret :)



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Is this an EA plant? I mean, Elite Aglaonema, not Exotic Angel. I think I saw it in Frank's before.

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Hi Margaret,

I was at Frank's today searching for a hygrometer when i saw your plant. i saw your post earlier today and was sure i'd seen it before as an Elite Aglaonema plant at Frank's, so when I went there again today I looked for it. It looks like yours from the picture, and the name EA gave to it is 'brilliant'. It was definitely the prettiest one there, but it was twice as much as a smaller, almost as nice one they called 'stars', so that's the one i bought a few weeks ago. The people who grow them are called "sunshine foliage world". search for them on the internet and you'll find them, along with a completely ridiculously complicated website. i really hate sites like that, but i suppose if you have high enough bandwidth and enough patience ( I didn't), you can see more about your plant. much luck. :-)

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