Chinese Evergreen Fruit sprouted!

countrykitty(zn 6 SW KY)January 10, 2008

Hi all!

On Oct. 27 I posted a question about how to grow some chinese evergreen fruit I had swiped from a large indoor plant in a public place.

The fruit was football shaped and maybe 3/4" long, and I could feel a hard seed in each of the 3 fruits. I finally just decided to follow Nature's course--fruit naturally falls to the soil beneath the parent plant and germinates there. Not having any chinese evergreens at the house, I gently tucked each seed into the soil in a pot of arrowhead plants, which have similar growing conditions.

Last week I spied a sprout coming up through the soil, and when I brushed away the surface soil, it was coming from the seed. :)

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Congratulations on your success! Maybe I'll have to try.

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stokesjl(5 IA)

got any pics? would be so interested to see chinese evergreen seedlings.

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countrykitty(zn 6 SW KY)

It's growing very slowly...still just has the little green spike a couple inches above soil which will at some point unfurl into the first leaf. No pictures yet (still begging the teenage daughter to teach me how to text over them phone, uploading digital pics is next on the list! ;))

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