Green pothos leaves turning burgundy...?

ladysmith(Toronto,Ont.Can)January 16, 2004

I have a very large, healthy, apparently happy pothos in my kitchen. It was in a less well lit area, but the internodal length became astounding (6-9"!), so I moved it back to a bright corner and cut back any stems longer than 3 feet. I re-potted and fertilized, and it took off nicely, throwing lovely new growth and some truly huge leaves in the older areas of the plant. That was about two months ago. Now the new growth (and there is lots of it) is sort of bronzy, or burgundy. The new growth looks great, and the texture of the leaves is very similar to the green leaves, but the stems and leaves have this reddish cast.

What is the cause? Do I have a problem? if so, what do I do to fix it?

Many thanks for your help.


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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Hey there: New leaves on Pothos are usually bronze but it fades as the new leaves mature. Your plant is telling you it is happy with it's new location.:)-Sandy

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