Pony tail Palm

peicookJanuary 13, 2003

It has been years...about 5, since I repotted my Beaucarnea Recurvata. I have it in a low light situation and it seems happy enough. No browning of tips and the occassional new fronds. How much longer can I reasonably go? I hate to disturb a happy plant!


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Helen, if you're happy with its size and looks, and the plant seems healthy from your description, I think you could just leave it in present pot. I have a cluster of 3 in a small eight-inch pot which I am deliberately keeping small by not repotting...I like the "bonsai" look of it. I dig out top inch or so of soil and replace with fresh, leaving in same-size pot. On the other hand, my husband's office has a 6-footer which is moved to larger pot/fresh soil every couple of years and it grows at least twice as fast as mine. These are tough adaptable plants...repotting just depends on what results you want as to growth. jo

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i dont know the zone i live in, but i live in south georgia. i have a pony tail and its long limbs are brown and on its trunk are new growth...i have only had this for a month.. i bought it at lowes and it was already turning brown and i just couldnt leave it there...i have it sitting on my front porch where it can get plenty of light.its not in the direct sun, but still get plenty of light...can you tell me what is wrong? what about this growth on its bottle? the pony tail needs some help bad......

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BronxFernie(z6 ny)

Never buy a brown plant- the heart ache is too great when it expires. Maybe you can post an image? it's hard to image what could be wrong- maybe it's rotting- Lowes and Home Depot love to ignore plants till they are half dead then water overhread which causes stress. Overhead watering can cause mold and rot problems. It could be mold or rot. Mold can be scraped off or sprayed with chemicals. If it's rot the brown part will be soft and watery- cut that part off and seal with candle wax or spray with an anti mold spray you get at a garden center. Try spraying the plant with water since it could just be dirt or insects. Good luck.

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Hal Warrick

Mine is roughly 6' tall and has been trimmed back twice.
In the spring I usually put it out and slowly get it used to full sun. The browned sunburned leaves can be trimmed up,
once it gets used to the sun I just let it grow.

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