Please help. I'm killing my split leaf philodendron!!!

egnever(se Atl)January 11, 2005

I bought a large (to me) split leaf philodendron a couple of years ago. When I put it in my living room it had 8 leaf producing stalks. I have never been sure how best to care for it, and the last couple years of my life have been extremely difficult. I just have not taken care of her like I should have. She is still producing green leaves but only a couple and only from three of the stalks. The leaves are small and disfigured. The remaining stalks that are not producing leaves are hollow now. Obviously they are dead. What can I do to save my plant?

Please, sombody save my plant!

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It sounds like it's starved for light, try moving it near a better light source, a window, under a skylight, under a good light set up. HTH!

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