Coprosma baueri - Autumn Splendor

SoCal(10/so.calif)February 19, 2002

I came across this plant at a nursery the other day, as I was looking for some bones for my new garden. It was so is varigated with green,pink orange and gold. The leaves are thick but small and they twist slightly at the point. I'm still thinking on this one because it says it gets 3-6 ft. tall and it wasn't cheap.

Has anyone here ever grown this plant or know of it?

It also comes in another variety called "Pink Splendor", but didn't want that one.


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I just love Coprosmas! I had 'Pink Splendor', which was charming, but the @#$%^& rabbits ate it. There are several other wonderful cultivars which I've tried (and the rabbits haven't!), and they all do quite well here in Encinitas. Where did you see the 'Autumn Splendor'?

Think Spring!

Here is a link that might be useful: San Diego Horticultural Society

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So glad to finally hear from someone on this plant. How big did yours get before those pesky rabbits ate it? I saw this at a local Nursery called "Huntington Beach Garden Center". I haven't seen the Pink Splendor, so can't do any comparison on them. I'm glad you liked this plant, I'm still thinking on it as my garden area is still unfinished.

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Hi Donna~

My bunnies are pretty aggressive. I bought this as a 1-gal plant for about $8, they ate it almost to the ground in just a week or so before I noticed what was happening. (sigh) Now I'm starting to put many plants in temporary cages made of rabbit fencing so they at least have a chance to get bigger before the rabbits start to gnaw on them. I'm on the lookout for another one to replace it. We're such optimists, aren't we? *grin*

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

I have 'Pink Splendor', but I just got it & it's in a pot~so I'm sure its growth is stunted. It's only about 2' high right now. I love the variegation in it. Yours sounds neat. I'll have to keep my eyes open for it!

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I have finally decided to get this plant after a lot of research and talking with nursery people and others. I did find out that "Autumn Splendor" and "Pink Splendor" are the SAME plant. The difference is from each nursery it has come from. Some call it one name and another calls it by the other name. I have also found it alot cheaper at some other nurseries also.
Thanks for all your input on this beautiful foilage plant.


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maleko(USDA 9)

Species coprosma ( not the cultivars) is considered a weed in the Bay Area. I have seen the seeds germinate in the crooks of trees and grow there for years. Grows 10 feet tall and always looks untidy in shape. But I love the shiny leaves, it is known as looking glass plant because they are so shiny you can supposedly see yourself in them. It is a native of coastal Australia with other species in New Zealand. The cultivars all seem to be pretty prostrate. That makes them vunerable to rabits. I had a pet rabbit for several years and coprosma and fruit tree cutting were his favorite treats. Maybe that is why they have taken to growing as epiphites in other trees:)

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I fell in love with this nearly incandescent, shiny plant last month in the Temperate House at the Royal Horticultural Gardens, Kew. What a delight to be so smitten by a plant and discover that it can be readily grown in my own backyard! The specimen I saw was simply labled Coprosma repens, although it was about eye-level (I'm 5'10"), so I shrugged, wrote it down, and got one for my very own at Buena Creek Gardens last week (shameless plug for some great folks). They have reassured me that it can indeed be grown as an upright without the resources of Kew, so I am hopeful. It's going in dappled shade, that becomes deeper shade, come winter (boo, hiss!)

Good luck to us both!

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Donna or Tessa,

I bought something called Coprosma Verde Vista from a local nursery. It's in bonsai form. Couldn't find any information on the internet how to take care of it. Any experience with this ?


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Sorry to say, but I don't know about that plant. I can tell you that I have really enjoyed the one I mentioned on this thread and it is so easy to take care of. I have kept it as a small bush by just cutting individual branches to the size needed.

I hope someone else will see this to help you.


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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

I can't believe this post is still on the board from so long ago! :O I guess this forum doesn't get as much traffic as the others. Here's a pic of my plant now, mentioned earlier in the post ~Coprosma 'Autumn Splendor' ('Pink Splendor'):

As for your plant, Irene, C. pumila 'Verde Vista ~do you plan to keep it as a Bonsai? From what I've read, this one is considered a groundcover, is water-wise, does well in any situation, but likes partial shade, would do well sprawling over a bank & is frost hardy. Sounds like a plant I should get!

HTH! ~Rosemarie

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Hi Rosemarie,

Wow, it's been a long time since I saw this thread. My Coprosma is doing very well and it is the same one you posted above. I have kept it trimmed as a small bush and I am glad I bought it.


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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Hi Donna,

Yes, this one is a favorite of mine. I finally took it out of its pot & got it in the ground (last year, I think) & haven't had to trim it yet. It has been very neat!


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I just discovered these plants. I am in love with one called Carnival. I must go back and buy that one. I see there are over 60 different ones of these.

Do yours all darken up in the winter? I understand the red really comes out in them.

I hope they do OK in the East Bay.

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I haven't seen Carnival, what color is it? My Autumn Splendor doesn't change color or darken in the winter at all. It stays the same all year. If you buy Carnival, please post a picture of it to share with us.


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Hi, I know this is years after the original post; I hope someone is still around that knows about Coprosma. We have one of the (hundreds of varieties!) shrubs in a very large container. Lately (since fall) some of the branches are dying. A whole branch's leaves wither, curl, and darken and dies back to the main trunk. Then another branch starts. We have another variety of these in the same container that does not seem to be affected. I found a post from an Australian garden site that was seeking help on the condition which eventually led to the death of the plant (most of their 30 or so plants died). Nobody responded with a reason/cure. Too much water, too little, a disease, an insect? We don't see insects or familiar diseases on it. It isn't old. Currently receiving ambient light from a patio door (we moved them indoors when it got colder). Any help on Coprosma plant that starts off one or two branch's die @ whither then rest of plant follows would be appreciated.

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