What is the E,M, L bloom times for Peonies in Z5/6?

wren_garden(zone 5b/6)September 8, 2011

This question was posted on the Peony forum first but there is just a empty wind sound and tumble weeds drifting by with no answer over there so far. Time is a wasting and I am ordering Peonies for the first time this weekend. I know they bloom for a short period of time. The listings of E,M, and L season on the nursery sites is useless for my Z5b garden without dates. They will be in a mixed Cottage garden border.

It would help to know bloom times to choose the best for the spot as it would relate to the companion plants. Thanks!


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I keep notes on when things bloom since my goal is for season-long color in the garden. My notes show peonies blooming the last week of May & first two weeks of June this year. I have a large garden and there are peonies in every bed except one. My sunniest bed is also the lowest spot on my little green acre so it warms up latest each year. The 10 peonies growing in that bed are always the last to bloom.

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wren_garden(zone 5b/6)

Thanks so much Gardenweed. Now I have a point of reference I feel more confident in planning the addition of Peonies. Now is the overwhelming task of choosing from all those beauties.

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Glad I could help. FWIW I'm growing Shirley Temple, Festiva Maxima, Bowl of Beauty, Sorbet, Raspberry Sundae, Mme Jules Elie. I didn't keep track of the other names plus there are a half dozen double pink ones my brother planted here 20+ years ago that I can only guess what they might be. It doesn't matter as long as they put out those gorgeous, fragrant blooms year after year.

My 2009 garden notes say Shirley Temple bloomed June 2-16. Last year I didn't keep bloom notes--I was too busy watering every day for 2-3 hours because of our summer-long drought.

This is Sorbet:

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My garden is zone 4/5 southwestern Wisconsin and usually my peonies bloom about the 3rd week in May through the first week in June. However this year everything was late and they bloomed the last week in May and first two weeks of June. Everything was about 1-2 weeks behind this year including my June flush of roses. However later in the summer, but July, everything caught up and the daylilies bloomed about the usual time.

I really think you might have a little earlier bloom time in your zone than I do, depending on the year? But again micro climates can make a difference too.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

I'm zone 5B. Early starts around the 25 of May, mid starts around the 5th of June, and late starts around the 12th of June. I put in a link to my peony albums, and if you look you can see the dates of their blooms.

Varies a bit every year depending on whether we have a warm or cool spring.

Here is a link that might be useful: my peony bed

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