Floral_ArtistryFebruary 23, 2002

I am looking for a source for color selections of Chlorophytum. Yes, this is the same genus as spider plants but I do not want those. I would like other species and hybrids. If you can help me, you can email me directly at

Thanks in advance for your help.

John Ingram

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Someone posted about this on the tropicals forum. There's even a picture of a green/pumpkin color. They were saying GlassHouse Works has a big selection.

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chlorophytums are my favourite plants, all the spider plants i have seen in the shops are green though, i dont believe you can find them in any different colour but with the first spiderplant i had, i kept taking of its baby plants and i took the baby plants baby and so on, over the years its form and coplour have changed slightly. if you know where i can get different colour chloropytums please tell me where!


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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC) has the Fireflash Chlorophytum

Here is a link that might be useful: Fireflash

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there are a bunch of 'fireflash' plants being sold at my local Home Depot, of all places!!!

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I have 3 c.Fireflash in my front yard beneath an oak, in sandy soil. They're thriving, each being 18"-24" wide. Very striking and the leaves have a nice sheen to them. Good luck!

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'basic' spider plants are mostly green, but they come in several varigated forms too. i have green with a single white stripe down each leave, and from it i have babies with multi white stripes on each leaf ) really striking) another type i've come across is light green with cream doen each edge, its much smaller than others but very nice.
peace and green thumbs forever
ps all of mine are indoor.

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greengirl, that last one you mention, are the leaves by any chance wavy at the edge? I have one similar to the one you describe, but the leaves are wavy like on the cryptanthus of the same colour. The creamy edge is very slender, regular on all the leaves, which are a light, beautiful green. I think this plant was originally all green, actually, sent to me as a green spider. Also, the new leaves are a bit different from the ordinary spider plant; they arrive like tall, cream and green coloured spears, growing quite tall before they open.

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looking at it they have a slight wave to the edge of the leaf, but only on a few . with all my spider plants i find when the new growth stands up for a while, only to slowly hang down you have a happy plant 8)

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ncccdist(Roanoke VA.)

If you find any beside the 2 green and white and the just green let me know--would like to have some pups.

Here is a link that might be useful: greenhouse

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