Papaya Thoughts?

inuloverMarch 23, 2013

I really dislike Mangos, so I've shied away from Papaya. Last night I had a cookie with a Papaya filling, and it was a pleasant experience. So maybe I should add Papaya to my menagerie of fruits.

How big of a pot would I need to grow a dwarf papaya?

And what variety would be best to try?

I have some seed from the last garden party that is labled 'unknown dwarf papaya'. Would the donor be able to provide any further information?


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Yes, that was me. I gave away seeds from my "unknown dwarf papaya". They are grown from about 6 generations removed from the original mother plant. For a time I had forgotten the name of the original mother plant, but it is TR Hovey. The seedlings that I gave you need to be grown in the ground. If you want a plant for a pot, order TR Hovey online from Florida Hill Nursery. I just bought 5 small plants, most to be given away for gifts. If you google it, you will find a nice pic of the papaya plant with fruit in a large pot. I'm going to grow my new TR Hovey in a 21" pot that I got from Wal-Mart, when it gets larger.


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Christine, I have seeds in a little envelope, not a seedling... at least not yet. I should be able to start the seeds and then transfer to a 20 or 25 gallon pot?

I may also order a TR from florida hill, too. Then I could compare the two.

Thank you for the reply and for sharing the seeds. Garden web people are the best.


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Sorry, I corrected the word "seedlings" to seeds, but I guess the corrected copy didn't print.

I would think that a pot that large would work.


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A friend gave me two tiny papaya seedlings, she said they were Hawaiian solo sunrise or something like that. Supposedly one of the best tasting varieties. One grew up to be male, the other turned out to be bisexual thankfully. (There are three genders to papayas, male, female, and bi. Male and females need each other to produce viable/useful fruit, bisexual plants have both parts so they are self fertile. This is important!)

Anyways, I nurtured it and grew it into a six foot tall tree. Eventually, I got fruit off of it. I was so excited - this was supposed to be delicious, not like the other rank papayas I'd gotten in the stores. I took a bite and.... It still tasted like a pair of underwear from a sweaty obese person's five day camping trip.

Soon thereafter, it contracted some virus disease, got all yellow spotty, and died anyways. Good riddance.

It ain't worth it. I don't know why the papaya filling tastes OK, I guess it's tons of sugar and artificial papaya flavor? Whatever it is, it couldn't be the real thing...

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